Asia Cruise Excursions

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The best Asia Cruise Excursions for boomer travelers

Asia Cruise Excursions include a Nagasaki visit where a statue points to the sky at the Peace Park.

Extremely popular with cruisers, Asia cruise itineraries offer glimpses of exotic cultures, steamy landscapes and unique wildlife watching opportunities. Our first-hand reviews of Asia cruise excursions will help make the most of your trip.

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How to choose an Asia shore excursion

From cosmopolitan Hong Kong to off-the-beaten-path Kota Kinabalu, our articles will show you what to expect on your Asia shore excursion:

  • How unique is the experience?
  • What cultural differences should you be aware of?
  • Is it a touristy destination?
  • How bad will the pollution be?
  • What are the highlights of the tour?

We mostly book excursions through the ship, although many cruisers we know use Get Your Guide or Viator, including finding private tours. And joining a medical evacuation program is a must when traveling internationally. If a medical emergency happens, you’ll be transported back to your home hospital.

Tips for making the most of your Asia cruise tour

Knowing what to expect is key to enjoying a shore excursion in Asia. After experience some great and not-so-great tours, use our tips to make good decisions.

  • Avoid long cruise bus excursions, if you can. Sometimes, they can’t be helped, especially if you’d like to explore cities like Hanoi or Beijing. Reading our tips for surviving cruise bus excursions will help you make the most of the experience.
  • In extremely hot climates like Bali, consider hiring a private guide. The air conditioning on a bus cannot keep up with Bali’s heat and humidity.
  • Some Asia shore excursions are touristy but worth experiencing once.
  • Air pollution can be a problem, especially in China. Wear a mask and take your allergy medication if air pollution affects your health.
  • Respect cultural differences. Overpopulated cultures have a much different idea of how close is too close when it comes to personal space.

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Best Asia Shore Excursions

Asia shore excursions range from active adventures to in-depth looks at culture and history. You'll be amazed by the variety of experiences available on Asian cruise tours

Visit Beijing, China on a cruise

How do you visit Beijing, on a cruise? China's capital city claims Tianjin as its port, about 115 miles away. Most cruise lines stay for a night or two in Tianjin, so that guests can travel on a land extension to Beijing. It's well worth the time, money, and effort.

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