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Boomer Travel Resources

Boomer Travel Resources

Alan and I think planning for a trip is almost as much fun as taking it, especially if you know the right resources to consult. We’re both planners and it’s not unusual for us to be working on a trip months — sometimes even a year or two — in advance. Although some of our trips are sponsored, many of our journeys are personal trips that require lots of planning on our part. We’d like to share our advice with you as well as the boomer travel resources that we use. Check back often as we’re always learning something new.

Travel Planning Resources from My Itchy Travel Feet.

Travel Planners for Boomers

Are you curious about the online sites, books, guides and gear that we use for planning our trips? We’ve developed a list of travel planning resources guides, both location specific and by topic. You’ll find them on our Travel Planners for Boomer Travelers page.

Travel Planning Guides from My Itchy Travel Feet

Destination Guides

We’ve put together a few guides to help plan specific trips that include articles, resources and visual inspiration from our own travel adventures. Check out our Destination Guides to see what we’ve covered so far. We’ll be adding more guides month by month, so stay tuned!

Travel gear for the boomer traveler from My Itchy Travel Feet

Our Favorite Travel Gear

Have you seen our travel gear guides? You’ll find gear for both the luxury and budget traveler, hikers, cold weather travel and more. See what Alan and I personally use and recommend at our Travel Gear guides page.

Best travel app reviews from My Itchy Travel Feet

Top Apps Review

Need a travel app for getting there, but overwhelmed by massive quantity of choices? Check out our monthly reviews of the best travel apps on the market for the active boomer traveler.

Travel gear for the boomer traveler from My Itchy Travel Feet

Road Trip Advice

Are you thinking about hitting the open road sometime soon? Take a look at our Road Trip Advice to find some great tips and resources for an amazing road trip adventure.

Luxury Cruise Travel Advice

Luxury Cruise Travel Advice

Research is essential for anyone planning a cruise, no matter the destination. To find some great tips for sailing the open seas, check out our Luxury Cruise Travel Advice.

Healthy and Safe Travel Tips

Healthy and Safe Travel Tips

Although we are big fans of active travel, we know the importance of being prudent when it comes to taking care of yourself while traveling. Take a look at a few of our Healthy and Safe Travel Tips before planning your next adventure.

Healthy and Safe Travel Tips

Luxury Travel Tips

When it comes to luxury travel, we look for value to stretch our dollars as far as they can go. If you’re planning a special trip, take a look at a few of our Luxury Travel Tips to get the most out of your travel budget.

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