Baby Boomer Travel Tips for Your Next Trip

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Since 2008, Alan and I have been sharing our best baby boomer travel tips with you. For us, researching and planning for a trip is almost as much fun as taking it, especially if you know the right resources to consult. We’re both planners and it’s not unusual for us to be working on a trip months—sometimes even a year or two—in advance.

Most of our journeys are personal trips that require lots of planning on our part. As you can imagine, we’ve collected plenty of valuable boomer travel resources for planning trips. And you’ll find links to them on this page.

This article may contain referral links. Read our Disclosure.

The best baby boomer travel tips for active boomer travelers.

How are boomer travel tips different from general trip advice? The information is geared to travelers born between 1946 and 1964. Alan and I are boomer travelers—some might even call us senior travelers. We KNOW how you like to travel—inquisitively, enjoying active travel experiences, taking it slowly rather than rushing from place to place.

Your travel budget is larger now that you have an empty nest. That means there’s more money to splurge on luxury travel. And you have more time, which means considering that long cruise is now an option.

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Travel Planning Resources from My Itchy Travel Feet.

Travel Planners for Boomers

If you’re ready to get right down to the planning stage, our boomer travel planners are the place to start. We’ve included the travel tips, links to online sites, books, guides and gear that we use for planning our trips. Click through to our Travel Planners for Boomer Travelers page and start planning your trip!

Travel Planning Guides from My Itchy Travel Feet


If you’re still in the information gathering stage, our destination guides for boomer travelers is the place to be. This where you’ll find links to the best articles that we’ve published about a destination plus a few extra inspirational tips. Start your travel dreaming on our Destinations pages.

Travel gear for the boomer traveler from My Itchy Travel Feet

Favorite Travel Gear

Have you seen our travel gear guides for baby boomers? You’ll find suggestions for both the luxury and budget traveler. Great for gift giving! Of course you’ll find our favorite products for hiking. And then there’s cold weather gear that packs light. Need a winter road trip kit? We’ll help you make one. From luggage to photography to electronic gear, we’ve got you covered! See what Alan and I personally use and recommend on the Travel Gear guides page.

The Best Luxury Travel Tips

Although we can rough it with the best of them, Alan and I prefer luxury travel — on the ocean, on land and in the air. While we don’t mind paying for luxury, like any smart traveler, we want to stretch our travel dollars as far as they can go. From luxury cruising to business air to upscale accommodations, we have the best luxury travel tips for you. Read on:  The Best Luxury Travel Tips: How to Get the Most for Your Money.

Want to get started looking for places to stay right now? Start your hotel search with us.

Travel gear for the boomer traveler from My Itchy Travel Feet

Road Trip Tips

Are you thinking about hitting the open road sometime soon? You’re not alone. Baby Boomers love a good road trip. Take a look at our Road Trip Advice to find some great tips and resources for an amazing road trip adventure in the U.S.

Luxury Cruise Travel Advice

Luxury Cruise Advice

We’ve lost count of the number of nights we’ve spent on small ship luxury cruises but it’s way over 300. One thing that Alan and I have learned is that research is essential for planning a cruise, no matter the destination. To read our great tips for sailing the open seas, check out Luxury Cruise Travel Advice.

Know where you want to go? Compare air prices here.

Healthy and Safe Travel Tips

Health and Safety Travel

Although we are big fans of active travel experiences, we know the importance of being prudent when it comes to taking care of yourself during trips. Bonus points if you start a healthy routine before leaving home. Take a look at our Healthy and Safe Travel Tips before planning your next adventure. 

Best travel app reviews from My Itchy Travel Feet

Best Travel Apps

Need a travel app for getting there, but overwhelmed by massive quantity of choices? Check out the best travel apps on the market for the active boomer traveler. Road trips, luxury cruises, hiking trips, travel in Spain or Italy? We’ve got you covered.

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