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Travel Planning Resources

Travel Planning Resources

Although some adventurous souls may hit the open road with little more than a toothbrush and a dream, we prefer to invest in a few select items that help make our travel adventures more efficient and enjoyable. To plan your next trip, take a look at our travel planning resources guides, both location-specific and by topic. They include the online sites, books, guides and gear that we use in our own boomer travels. Keep checking back as we add more travel planning resources to our inventory of guides.

Canada Travel Planning Resources

Canada travel really does have it all, but, frankly, that’s part of the problem when planning a Canadian adventure. There’s too much to choose from! To get organized, take a look at our Canada Travel Planning Resources.

Hiking Adventures Travel Planning Resources

Not only a healthy way to travel, hiking also lets you see some incredible landscape scenery that you may miss if you just stick to the city sites. For some great recommendations on gear and guides for your next hike, click on our Hiking Adventures Travel Planning Resources.

Cruising the South Pacific Travel Resources

Planning a trip to a far away destination like the South Pacific can be a bit daunting. For some great recommendations, click on our Cruising the South Pacific Travel Resources.

Utah Travel Resources

Utah is blessed with an amazingly diverse landscape, but it takes a lot of planning to make the most out of a Utah adventure. Take a look at a few of our Utah Travel Resources to plan your next Utah trip.

Spain Travel Resources

Full of rich historic sites, intriguing culinary hotspots and an overall zeal for the good life, a trip to Spain won’t leave you wanting for anything more. To get some help planning your next Spanish adventure, click on our Spain Travel Resources.

Winter Travel Planning Resources

Tired of long days inside on the couch? Why not take a wintertime adventure? To get some help planning your next cold weather trip, click on our Winter Travel Planning Resources.

Hawaii Travel Planning Resources

Thanks to its exotic beauty and rich cultural heritage, Hawaii is one of the USA’s most amazing travel destinations. To get some help planning your next trip, click on our Hawaii Travel Planning Resources.

USA Road Trip Travel Resources

Hitting the American highway on a road trip leads to an amazing adventure, no matter your final destination. To get the best out of your next road trip, click on USA Road Trip Travel Resources for great trip tips and resources.

New Mexico Travel Planning Resources

Planning a trip to the incredible state of New Mexico? Take a look at our personally-recommended guides and products for exploring this beautiful state by clicking on New Mexico Travel Planning Resources.

National Park Travel Planning Resources

Traveling to U.S. National Parks is a perennial favorite for active boomers. To see our favorite resources to start your National Park Travel Planning, click on National Park Travel Planning Resources.

Active Alaska Travel Resources

The options for active travel in the beautiful state of Alaska are simply infinite. To plan your next Alaskan adventure, click on Active Alaska Travel Resources to see our recommended guides and gear.

Montana Travel Resources

As our home base, Montana allows for all kinds of weekend adventure. If you’re planning on exploring our home state, click on Montana Travel Resources for our recommended guides and gear.

European Road Trip Travel Resources

A great trip to Europe requires little more than a love of culture and an open mind. However, to get the most out of your next European adventure, click on European Road Trip Travel Resources for a list of our recommended trip guides and must haves.

Italy Travel Resources

A trip to Italy requires little more than a sense of adventure and love of history. However consulting a few guides and carrying the right gear will make your experience hassle free. Click on Italy Travel Resources to see our recommended resources.

Luxury Cruise Travel Resources

We know luxury cruises like the back of our very tanned hands. To plan accordingly for your next cruise adventure, click on Luxury Cruise Travel Resources to get an idea of how we prepare for our cruises.


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