Winter Travel Planner for Boomers

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Are you planning a winter trip? If you’re a boomer traveler who enjoys an invigorating cold weather activity like snowshoeing or cross country skiing, followed by an evening by the fire in a luxury lodge, this is the Winter Travel Planner for you. Just because you’re a boomer doesn’t mean your winter fun is done, although you do have to exercise a bit more caution…no broken hips allowed!

Is a tropical getaway your idea of a winter trip? If so, you’re on the wrong page. You probably want to check out our Hawaii Travel Planner or my South Pacific travel tips.

Although spring and summer are the most popular seasons to travel, don’t overlook wintertime trips. It’s one of my favorite seasons to explore. And you don’t have to be a downhill skier to have fun. Enjoy sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or a winter photography trip to capture snow-covered landscapes combined with beautiful memories.

If you’re planning a cold-weather adventure, use our winter travel planner to discover the travel resources that will help make your next wintertime travel an amazing experience. Keep reading for the best online resources, my first-hand winter travel tips, the cold weather gear you’ll need plus a few suggestions for the best winter destinations for boomers.

What you'll learn in our winter travel planner

  • Winter travel resources
  • Our best winter travel tips
  • Cold weather gear for boomers
  • Where to stay for snowy fun
  • Winter travel destinations

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Online resources for winter travel

woman cross country skiing in the snow

Online resources are invaluable for up-to-date information. Check the weather, confirm road conditions, check to see if your flight is delayed.

The National Weather Service is my choice for accurate weather forecasts, especially in mountainous regions where the weather changes quickly and is very unpredictable. The NWS also offers valuable safety tips for dealing with hypothermia as well as traveling in snowy weather.

If you’re driving on a winter road trip in the U.S., knowing the status of road conditions is a must. Check with the Department of Transportation for the states you’ll be traveling through. Most of these sites have color-coded maps showing road conditions and closures plus video cams so that you can see the conditions in real time. And some have apps, which you should download before starting out on your trip.

Will you be flying to your ski vacation? FlightAware is a live tracking system that uses the satellites logistic system, Aireon. Check for cancellations and delays, a live feed for each airport, or check the misery map, which displays a color-coded map of airport delays.

While not an online resource, we would never leave on a cold weather trip without confirming that our AAA membership is up-to-date. When the car battery won’t start or you’re stuck in a snowbank, you’ll be happy that you joined.

Winter travel tips

Alan and I are big winter enthusiasts who believe in preparing ahead of time. Alan’s tips for a winter driving kit are good if you’re planning a road trip or if you live and drive in a winter location. When we started taking long trips in December, January, and February, I researched  everything we would need to do in order to leave our house with peace of mind. Alan and I use these 17 tips before every long trip. And, yes, I’ve curated apps for winter travel, too.

Lolo Pass

Alan’s Tips for Making a Do It Yourself Winter Driving Kit

Updated 11.01.2019:  We’re all accustomed to seeing Alan’s amazing travel photos, but rarely do we hear from the man behind the lens. In fact, very few readers realize that Alan is a travel planning machine who thrives on the challenges of off-the-beaten-path travel. We’ve already spoken about winter travel and the hurdles that come with […]

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preparing your home for an extended vacation

20 Tips for Preparing Your Home for an Extended Vacation

Cummins originally sponsored this look at how to prepare your home before a vacation. It’s the day we leave for that month-long South Pacific cruise. Alan waits in the car as I lock the front door after checking everything in the house one more time. Then I try the lock, again—and again. Confession time: I […]

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Donna and Alan_Hubbard Glacier

Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

Although many travelers take off the winter months to rest and rejuvenate, real adventurers in the know seek out cold weather travel opportunities. In fact, traveling during wintertime is a great idea for anyone looking for great deals to destinations that offer breathtaking landscapes, endless outdoor adventures and quite often, few crowds. Of course, traveling in […]

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Cold weather gear

Staying warm and comfortable is the key to a successful winter trip. But that doesn’t mean purchasing cold weather gear that’s uber expensive or designed for hard core skiiers or backpackers. Do what I do: dress in layers. Over the years, I’ve written several guides to winter packing that’s lightweight as well as easy on your budget. After all, many of you are interested in a fairly short, annual trip to enjoy the snow that doesn’t require pricey winter clothing. My recommendations are perfect for you.

Cold weather gear for women that packs light.

The Best Cold Weather Gear for Women That Packs Light

Packing for trips isn’t easy these days, especially when it comes to winter travel. Cold weather gear for women that packs light is a must to avoid overweight bag charges from the airlines. And who wants to lug heavy bags around, even on a road trip? I look for the best cold weather gear for […]

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Alan and Donna Hull on Baird Glacier in southeastern Alaska

Cold Weather Gear for Men That Packs Light

  Updated 11.01.2019: Are you planning to take advantage of the last few months of winter to do some cold-weather traveling? Packing for cold destinations can take on a whole new level in terms of packing appropriate clothing and accessories, which may mean more bulk for your suitcase. The trick to winter travel preparation is […]

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Cold Weather Gear That’s Easy on the Budget

Cold weather gear doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out my favorites!

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Our favorite places to stay for snowy fun

For a snowy trip, Alan and I enjoy staying at guest ranches, lodges and cozy inns. Our preference is a lodge or ranch that includes all meals and activities where most of the fun is on property. Of course we read reviews before choosing a place to stay. Renting a cozy cabin is another great choice. If possible, we avoid busy ski resorts.

Triple Creel Ranch winter getaway

Triple Creek Ranch Winter Getaway: Luxurious Montana Fun

When you think of spending time at a guest ranch, do you imagine horse rides through fields of wildflowers, cooling your toes in a gurgling creek or telling stories under a star-filled night sky? My guest ranch visions are white, all white, especially when it comes to a Triple Creek Ranch winter getaway in Darby, […]

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Horses pull the sleigh at The Resort at Paws Up

Luxurious Winter Fun at The Resort at Paws Up

A river laced with ice and snow winds through rolling hills studded with a thick forest of evergreens. Mountain ranges provide the snowy backdrop. On a frosty hike along the banks of the Blackfoot River, Alan and I stop to inspect bobcat tracks before looking up to see a bald eagle sitting majestically in the […]

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Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Cool thoughts about Hannagan Meadow Lodge

When the thermometer reads 108 degrees in Arizona, this broiling hot baby boomer re-visits her favorite frozen adventures. I picture snow piled high around a rustic cabin, cross-country skiing across a rolling meadow or sitting in the dining room at Hannagan Meadow Lodge watching the snowflakes fall. Located at 9100 ft., in the White Mountains of eastern […]

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Best winter trips for boomers

Looking for a winter destination? From off-the-beaten-path areas in the U.S. to iconic international trips, we have plenty of ideas for you. Check out our experiences and those of guest writers who share tips on how you can make the most of your trip.

Snowcapped mountains reflected in a lake with rocks at the edge of the lake and trees to the right

A Winter Trip to Glacier National Park

If you’re looking for things to do on a Glacier National Park winter trip, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do. Inside the park, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and winter hiking provide a beautiful winter experience. Or you could just admire the scenery. Winter is a fine time to visit this lovely […]

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Visit Lamar Valley in the winter

Visiting Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley in the Winter

Are you thinking about visiting Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley in winter? In this article, I’m sharing a Lamar Valley day trip itinerary plus where to stay and how to plan your trip to this northern region of Yellowstone known for winter wildlife watching. For years, I’ve wanted to visit Lamar Valley in winter, especially […]

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3 cold weather trips for the active boomer traveler

Start the New Year Out Right With These Cold Weather Trips

If you’ve been following the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook, then you know how much Alan and I enjoy traveling on cold weather trips. Why are we such big fans of cold and snow? Because it’s a great way for active boomer travelers to jump start those New Year’s fitness goals. And did […]

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Québec City

Visiting Quebec City during Winter Carnival

For most, the mention of Carnival conjures up images of scantily clad women gyrating their way along a colorful Rio de Janeiro parade route. However, there are some carnival celebrations, like the one in Quebec City, Canada, that offer a less raucous experience that’s still tons of fun. Guest contributor, Kirsten Gallagher, recently had the opportunity […]

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Lake Louise in Banff National Park

Enjoying a Nordic Ski Trip in the Canadian Rockies

How does cuddling up beside a crackling fire in a lodge tucked away in the Canadian Rockies after a day of cross-country skiing sound? Nice, right? There are tons of active travel opportunities in Alberta and British Columbia where you can do exactly this and more. Today’s guest writer, Leigh McAdam from HikeBikeTravel, lets us […]

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Ski trails on Mont Royal

Exploring Montreal in Winter

As you know, we love active travel and although some are a little adverse to cold weather travel, we love to mix the two. And while there are many places to enjoy some wintertime travel, you can’t go wrong with our neighbor to the north, Canada. Guest contributor and Ontario resident, Kirsten Gallagher, is here […]

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Jordaan District Walking Tour With AmaWaterways

A Snowy Walking Tour in Amsterdam

When Alan and I boarded Amacello in Amsterdam for an AmaWaterways Rhine River Christmas Market cruise, we didn’t expect such a snowy welcome. But those white flakes didn’t keep us from exploring Amsterdam on a Jordaan District walking tour provided by the ship. In fact, the snow added to the fun of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage […]

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Cairngorms Reindeer

Meet Scotland’s Wild Reindeer on a Cairngorm Reindeer Adventure

If your snow boots are itching for an adventure, Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains are a great bet this time of year—especially for animal lovers. If you like the idea of trekking to off-the-beaten-path destinations to see wildlife in their natural habitat, here’s a fabulous idea. Guest contributor, Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85, is here to tell us […]

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Cologne Cathedral

A Winter Walking Tour of Cologne, Germany

Pastel-colored buildings enhance the snowy scene when AmaWaterways Amacello pulls into her spot along the banks of the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany. Cologne in December can be snowy, as it is on our visit. But Alan and I aren’t going to let a little snow on the ground keep us from exploring Germany’s 4th […]

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frozen tundra landscape

Iceland Travel Tips for Winter Travelers

Need Iceland travel tips for a winter trip? We’ve got adventure-filled tips that will make any active boomer traveler smile with anticipation. Years back, traveling to Iceland may have seemed like traveling to another world. But in today’s ultra-connected world, Iceland is becoming one of the planet’s hottest cold-weather travel destinations and worthy of your […]

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Kvaloya Hill

In Search of the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Traveling to see the Northern Lights is one adventure that is on a lot of people’s travel bucket list and today’s guest contributor, Vanessa A Nirode, is no different. This past December, Vanessa took a last-minute trip to Norway’s northern most city, Tromsø, to spend her Christmas vacation trying to find the spectacular, but often […]

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winter adventures for boomers

Winter Adventures for Boomers 65+ to Enjoy

Disclosure: This post is sponsored and developed in part by Pfizer; however, the opinions are my own. Are you a baby boomer who enjoys cold weather activities? There’s a magical quality to spending time outdoors on a snowy day. Whether it’s a quiet walk in some snowy woods or a thrilling hike along a trail, […]

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