Cold Weather Gear for Men That Packs Light

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Updated 11.01.2019: Are you planning to take advantage of the last few months of winter to do some cold-weather traveling? Packing for cold destinations can take on a whole new level in terms of packing appropriate clothing and accessories, which may mean more bulk for your suitcase. The trick to winter travel preparation is to take a few key items of clothing that are durable and weather appropriate and that don’t take up too much space.

Alan and Donna Hull on Baird Glacier in southeastern Alaska
We’re dressed for cold weather on Baird Glacier in Alaska.

Previously, we shared our must-pack listof  Cold Weather Gear for Women. In the spirit of gender equality, we have some cold weather gear for men recommendations as well. While men may have a reputation for being tough guys on the extreme temps road, I’ve personally seen quite a few rugged types quiver at the sight of a single snowflake.

The truth is that, despite macho stereotypes and realities, nobody likes to be uncomfortable on the road, especially when traveling to beautiful, but snowy destinations. Therefore, we’ve complied a useful list of winter weather apparel items, not only designed to keep our men folk nice and warm, but also designed to be lightweight and compact.

men's grey shirt
Men’s Combed Cotton Ski Zipper Turtleneck Jersey Shirt


Winter Clothing that Packs Light

A good strategy for packing for winter travel is to stick with layers. In almost any type of cold weather destination, layers will serve you well. Start with a quality Long Sleeve Under Armour T-Shirt under a Combed Cotton Ski Zipper Turtleneck Jersey Shirt and add more layers as needed. Additionally, traveling with a warm, but lightweight fleece is always a good idea. We recommend the Columbia Ballistic III Fleece Jacket. And, of course, hats and neck warmers are a must on any cold weather trip. We love the Ayygift 6-in-1 Unisex Fleece Neck Warmers/Hat because of the number of ways it can be worn.

Browning Hosiery Men's Tall Merino Wool Boot Sock

Keeping Hands and Feet Warm and Dry

As they say, “the devil is in the details” and this is especially true when it comes to traveling in extreme temperatures. Being unprepared for cold weather conditions can ruin an otherwise beautiful trip. For extra comfort and to keep yourself healthy, we recommend gearing up with some basic items that are designed to keep your hands and feet nice and toasty.

While thick socks and gloves are always a must, you may need some extra help to stay dry in really cold, wet weather. We recommend Seirus Innovation Men’s Deluxe Thermax Liner for extra protection under the very durable Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves. Additionally, sock liners like Under Armour Men’s HeatGearĀ® Boot Socks are always a great idea for slushy, snowy areas. Cover these with some nice Browning Merino Wool Boot Socks and you’ll be all set.

For added comfort in cold, wet weather, Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Breathable Pants are always a good idea. And leave those fancy boots at home. Wearing Azarxis Gaitor boot covers over hiking shoes will keep you dry while saving space in your carryon. And, of course, no experienced traveler would travel to cold weather areas without a good supply of the ever-indispensable HotHands hand, foot and toe warmers.

Men's Tec Fleece earmuffs

The Finishing Touches to Keep You Comfortable

Layering is definitely the key to winter travel. Once you have all of your principle gear for cold weather, don’t forget about the little things. Leave the heavyweight coat at home opting for a lightweight waterproof jacket worn over fleece instead. We really like Columbia Men’s Glennaker Lake Rain Jacket for its added comfort and protection in rainy weather. Additionally, a wool cap and earmuffs take up little to no room in a suitcase, but are really useful. We recommend a few basic, but high-quality items like Wigwam Mills Worsted Wool Watch Cap and Men’s Tec Fleece Ear Muffs.

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