5 Items I’m Adding to My Travel Gear

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My favorite new travel gear for 2015. You'll find these smart, lightweight travel products in my carryon.
You’ll find new travel gear in my carryon.

How long has it been since you’ve evaluated the items that consistently go in your carryon—replacing outdated products in favor of smart new travel gear? I’ve made some adjustments this year. Some of the products are new to the market while others have been around awhile (I just took my time adapting to them). If you’re looking to travel lighter and smarter, here are 5 new travel gear items that I’ve added to my carryon. And Alan, who lives by the adage, “why change if it’s working” has added a few of the items to his carryon, too. Yay for change!

DripDrop Hydration Powder

DripDrop hydration powder keeps me hydrated on hot, humid cruise excursions. It's also great for winter trips where the air is dry. DripDrop is one of my favorite new travel gear products for 2015. You'll find it in my carryon.
Staying hydrated with DripDrop

Do you drink enough water while traveling? I don’t. It’s not intentional but I get busy, or I’m on a tour where bathroom facilities are scarce, or I’m having so much fun that I forget. And like many aging boomers, my body has become more susceptible to dehydration. According to Mayo Clinic, “Your body’s ability to conserve water is reduced, your thirst sense becomes less acute, and you’re less able to respond to changes in temperature.”

When Alan and I cruise in the South Pacific, the cruise excursions are fun, but the hot, humid conditions really get to me. So it’s no surprise that I end up dehydrated during trips. But now that I pack DripDrop, which comes in small packages that are easy to slip into my carryon, I no longer worry about dehydration. I pour a portion of the package into a bottle of water and sip on it throughout the excursion. Now that draggy feeling, dry mouth and headache after a tropical adventure no longer occur. I also appreciate that DripDrop contains about 1/2 the sugar of a typical sports drink.

DripDrop works for winter dehydration, too, so take it to the ski slope with you, or the Arctic. Alan and I are taking DripDrop to Antarctica.

The Airhook

Flying economy just got easier with The Airhook. It keeps your drink from spilling and your ipad, tablet or iphone at eye level. You'll find it in my travel carryon.
The Airhook is my favorite new travel product of 2015.

The folks at The Airhook definitely had me in mind when designing my favorite new travel gear product of 2015. Yes, I’m the one in economy trying to work and drink coffee at the same time. Now I can do both without worrying about the coffee being dumped in my lap when the passenger in front of me reclines the seat. With The Airhook, the tray table stays closed, giving me a tiny bit more room. The device includes a drink holder that stays level no matter how much the seat in front of me is reclined. And there’s a healthy benefit, too. Small tablets or iPads—up to 8 inches tall—are held at eye level, which eliminates neck strain from constantly looking down at my device.

RFID Wallet

I use the Buxton Safe Card Case as a wallet. It protects my chip-based credit cards from being scanned by a thief. This is one travel item that I use even when I'm at home.
Buxton Womens RFID Identity Safe Card Case

When Alan replaced his wallet with an RFID version, he encouraged me to do the same. My current wallet is always the cruise key card holder from the latest cruise. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket when I don’t want to carry a purse, which is most of the time. When I ordered the Buxton RFID Identity Safe Card Case, I discovered a slightly larger wallet that also protects my cards from being read by a thief. That’s a smart travel choice!

Why should you switch to a RFID wallet? U.S. credit card companies are finally issuing chip-cards like the ones used in Europe. But using technology, thieves have the ability to stand next to you and scan chip-based cards, or any smart card like a driver’s license, stealing your personal information without you being aware of it. An RFID wallet comes with lined pockets that block electronic attempts to read chip-based cards. You’ll definitely want to add an RFID wallet to your new travel gear.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is a must add to your travel gear. This small reader holds thousands of books saving lots of room in your carryon.
I’m reading on a Kindle Paperwhite from now on.

Although Kindle Paperwhite has been around for awhile, I’ve recently added it to my travel gear—and for use at home. Previously, the iPad was my choice for bedtime reading; but then I would turn out the light and not be able to go to sleep. After viewing this video in The Atlantic, I knew the culprit. Blue light that electronic devices like the iPad emit interfere with REM sleep. Did you know that getting enough deep sleep protects against a host of health issues including developing dementia and alzheimers? Read more at Fisher Center for Alzheimers Research Foundation.

Kindle Paperwhite is backlit, so the reading device doesn’t emit sleep-robbing blue light. Add the fact that I can store tons of books on such a small device and I have a new favorite in my travel gear. Alan—lover of paperbacks—has converted to the Kindle Paperwhite as well.

Map cover for Kindle

The Coredy Map Case Cover for Kindle is perfect for the boomer traveler. It comes in several colors. What a cool item to add to your travel gear.
How cute is the Coredy Map Case Cover for Kindle?

Isn’t this the cutest Kindle cover ever? When Alan found the Coredy Map Case Covers on Amazon, he ordered a gold map cover for him and this beige one for me. It’s the perfect Kindle cover for a boomer traveler.

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