Coloring Supplies to Pack for Your Next Trip

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Coloring supplies to take on a trip. Relax and fight boarding by coloring during travel delays.
My coloring supplies for the road

During downtime on a trip, long flights or airport delays, do you grab a Kindle and start reading? I do, too. But sometimes I need a change of pace. That’s when I pick up my coloring supplies. There’s something so relaxing about losing myself—and the stress—in the art of putting color onto paper. And you already know how good coloring can be for stress relief and relaxation because I told you about it in Why Coloring is Good for Boomer Travelers.

Coloring during travel relieves stress, boredom and promotes relaxation. Here's what to bring.
My friend, Sue, colors during a break from all the fun at Triple Creek Ranch.

But I’m not the only one who uses this hobby as a distraction during travel. On a flight from L.A. to Santiago, Chile, our plane stopped in Lima to refuel. When I stood up to stretch, I saw a woman in the row behind me coloring in a Johanna Brasford book, Secret Garden.

Waiting for a flight in the Minneapolis airport, I noticed a young man, probably millennial-aged, sitting at one of the high-top tables where passengers recharge electronic devices. But he wasn’t watching videos on a smart phone, he was coloring.

And on our cruise to Antarctica, I’d see plenty of women at Seabourn Square—the ship’s living room—enjoying a sea day with coloring supplies beside them.

Although I enjoy coloring during a trip, I don’t want to add to the stress by hauling around lots of extra stuff. So here’s my list for brining along just enough coloring supplies to keep me happy without adding extra weight to my carryon.

Coloring Supplies for the Road

I’m a big fan of the Prismacolor brand of colored pencils and fine tip markers. Although I believe that you can never have enough colors to choose from, that’s not the case for travel. I find that the basic 24-count tin of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils is enough to keep me happy during a trip. A pack of Prismacolor Premier Fine Tip Illustration Markers, which I use for highlighting or emphasizing an element on the page, a blender pencil, and small sharpener complete my coloring supplies

My purple pencil carrying case holds 72 pencils. I take it on longer trips.
My purple pencil carrying case holds 72 pencils. I take it on longer trips.

Although I usually pack the pencils in their tin, if I’m on a long road trip or cruise—and there’s room in my luggage—I’ll pack the pencils in a small carrying case. The pencils are easier to access and don’t get lost as easily, plus there’s room for 50 of them!

Coloring Books for the Road

When I travel, I like coloring in books that are about travel. Of course I bring along one of my own books, either Coloring Glacier National Park or Coloring the West, for grayscale coloring. But if I want to color in a more traditional style, I choose one of the Travel Between the Lines books by Jeff and Katie at Wandertooth.

While it’s fun to color complicated pages using lots of hues and shading, on a trip, I’m satisfied with a few pencils and a book or two. I can always add more colors once I’m home using my gigantic set of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils.

During your next flight delay, look around the airport. I bet you’ll find more than one grownup relieving stress or boredom by coloring. Who knows? I just might be one of them.

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Disclosure: Prismacolor provided a tin of 24-count pencils and fine line markers for my review. But the opinions are strictly my own.The gigantic set of Prismacolor colored pencils? I purchased those on my own dime.  

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