European Road Trip Planner for Boomer Roadtrippers

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Considering a driving trip in Europe? You’ll need our European Road Trip Planner

Gold and tan stucco buildings line the cobbelstone streets of Subiaco on a road trip in Italy. Use our European road trip planner to make the most of your trip.
Discover quaint streets and historic buildings on a European road trip.

Planning a European Road Trip is both exciting and frustrating. Where to go? What to see? How to get there? The options are overwhelming. However, with a little bit of patience and a lot of research, European road trips can be incredibly enjoyable and even adventurous— in a good way!

This article may contain referral links. Read our Disclosure.

Alan and I begin our travel planning with online research, followed by reading books and a browse around the Amazon store. Use our European road trip planner to make the most of your active boomer trip.

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Online European Road Trip Travel Resources

An historical tan and cream building sits at the end of a picturesque square in Vigevano.
The beautiful square in Vigevano, Italy. We discovered this delightful scene on a road trip in Northern Italy.

Whether you’re planning a European road trip or a week’s vacation on the continent, online travel resources equal instant information at your fingertips. But we’ve found that too much information complicates research rather than speeding it up.

That’s why we’ve included only the best online resources in our European Road Trip Planner. Bookmark our favorites for your boomer travel planning. We’ve also included our favorite apps.

Via Michelin allows you to design an itinerary based on things you want to avoid—like toll roads. The site also calculates the amount and cost of the fuel that you’ll use, plus there’s a hotel database for finding lodging along your route. We could get lost for hours designing trips on Via Michelin.
Tripit European Road Trip Planner has it all: custom maps, driving directions and average weather information. Print the details and/or send to a mobile phone. Your choice.
The Guardian’s list of European Road Trips offers suggested itineraries, tips about the route, activity ideas plus food and accommodation ideas.
Rick Steves Europe provides travel advice from the king of traveling independently in Europe. You’ll learn a lot from Steve.
Insure My Trip is an excellent resource for comparing travel insurance policy rates. Remember to check your medical insurance provider to see if they cover international travel. Medicare does not provide international medical coverage. We think purchasing a travel insurance policy is essential.

With the current state of the world these days, it’s essential to check out local safety issues before traveling. Europe is a popular and generally safe destination for the most part, but you always want to research your trip beforehand. To avoid any unwanted surprises, take a look at these Eleven Questions to Ask Before Traveling to Europe.

In addition to making your travels as safe as possible, make sure to check out our European Travel Pages. Our tips on European Road Trips, Spain Travel and Italy Travel are designed help you plan a safe and exciting trip to Europe.

European Road Trip Books, Guides and Videos

Philip's Complete Road Atlas Europe 2014
Philip’s Complete Road Atlas Europe 2014 is a great idea starter for road trips.

Lonely Planet France's Best Trips
Lonely Planet France’s Best Trips for those of you dreaming of a road trip in France.

Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door
Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door 2014 helps you avoid the crowds and the scams.

Gear for a European Road Trip

The Eagle Creek 22" rolling duffle packed and ready to go.
The Eagle Creek 22″ rolling duffle packed and ready to go.

Eagle Creek Luggage Load Warrior Wheeled Duffel 22 Bag will fit into the trunk of those small European rental cars. I traveled for 21 days in China with this bag.
Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Starter Set
Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Starter Set is the secret to packing light.

AAA 121-Piece Road Trip First Aid Kit

AAA 121-Piece Road Trip First Aid Kit will prepare you for medical emergencies. It’s small enough to pack in your luggage but you’ll probably have to check the bag.

Car Battery Inverter/Charger
Car Battery Inverter/Charger powers up your devices while you’re on the go. Great for road trips.

Have we given you enough ideas for planning your driving trip in Europe? Check back as we continue to update our resources and advice so that you have the best boomer travel possible.

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