Alaska Travel Planner for Your Next Trip

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There are so many active travel options in the beautiful state of Alaska that it’s hard to know which one to choose first. Are you totally confused from planning an Alaska trip? We can help!

Whether you’re driving the Alaska Highway, exploring on an Alaska cruise excursion or riding the Alaska Marine Highway, Alan and I—or our expert writers—have been there and done that. And we’ve gathered just the right resources to make planning your Alaska trip a stress-free experience.

What You'll Find in This Alaska Travel Planner

  • Alaska online travel resources
  • Alaska travel books, guides and videos
  • Alaska travel gear for your next trip

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Online Alaska Travel Resources

Three Lakes Loop Trail in Southeast Alaska

Traveling in Alaska, especially independent trips, can be complicated. And current, up-to-date information is be hard to find, even on the Internet. We’ve found that too much information complicates research rather than speeding it up. That’s why you’ll find only the best online resources in our Alaska Travel Planner. Bookmark our favorites for your boomer travel planning. We’ve also included our favorite apps.

If you’re looking for Alaska information from boomer travelers who’ve been there and done that, our Best Alaska Destination page is a one stop shop for inspiring your next trip. You’ll find first-person articles about Alaskan adventures, including road trip ideas and cruise excursion reviews.

Travel Alaska is the official site for Alaska state and travel information. Chock full of great, updated information, it’s a very useful resource for anyone planning a trip to Alaska.

Thinking about an Alaska cruise? Read our tips on how to choose the best Alaska cruise.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a useful site for anyone looking to explore and experience the state’s natural wildlife. Not only does it give you insight to the best way to safely enjoy the state’s incredible wildlife, but they list a lot of great sites to help compliment your trip. is a great place to start planning your trip as well as a great resource for in-the-moment travel. With traffic and weather updates as well as state-wide road closures or highway information, this should be your go-to resource for Alaska road trips.

Looking for a place to stay? Start your Alaska hotels search here. And remember our tips for sifting through reviews, ignore the best and the worst ones.

Alaska Photography Blog is a valuable resource for those that love photography and great travel tips.  Photographer Patrick J. Endres has lived in Alaska for 30 years and takes incredible photos of the beautiful state. Perfect for imagery inspiration as well as some great local travel tips.

Apps are the traveler’s best friend. Before visiting the Last Frontier, read our recommendations for best Alaska Travel Apps.

Alaska Marine Highway System is an absolute must for anyone planning a trip through Alaska, especially by water. Depending on the time of year, certain weather conditions can affect travel plans. Use this site for up-to-date information on ferry schedules, sailing routes, etc.

Confused about what to pack for an Alaska cruise? Check out my tips on what to wear for an Alaska cruise.

And if you’re cruising in Alaska, don’t forget to check out our Alaska Cruise Excursion Reviews.

Alaska travel books and guides

While online research is easy and convenient, Alan and I still enjoy sitting down with a good book to research our Alaska travel adventures. Of course, we load them into Kindle, when we can, for easy access on the road, especially since good Wifi can be iffy in the Alaskan wilds.

The Milepost is a great, well-rounded publication that gives locals and visitors a lot of insight into the state. It’s the number one resource when traveling in Alaska! Always purchase the latest edition for the most up-to-date information.

Falcon Guide’s Hiking Alaska offers valuable trail information for our boomer audience who likes to hike. Being prepared is the best way to stay safe out there. And the best way to accomplish that is by researching trails ahead of time.

Lonely Planet Guide books rarely disappoint and its Alaska version is no different. You’ll enjoy the up-to-date advice in Lonely Planet Alaska.

An Alaskan cruise is a great way to see The Last Frontier. Use the Fodor’s Complete Guide to Alaska Cruises to learn more about Alaska cruise destinations and cruise choices.

Best gear for an Alaska trip

What to wear on an Alaska cruise

Packing for an Alaskan trip can be a bit more complicated than other US states, depending on the season and region you’re planning to visit. Layering is important in many cold weather destinations, but its absolutely essential for an Alaska trip. Use these basic items to bundle up or cool down, depending on the weather.

Outdoor Ventures Softshell Jacket is fleece lined and comes with a removable hood. You’ll stay comfortable, warm and most importantly, dry. We love its highly breathable quality that doesn’t make it too suffocating. Remember to purchase a bright color so that  you stand out in photos with a glacier or snowy background.

When it comes to a lightweight jacket to keep me warm, I’m a big fan of the Columbia Sportswear Benton Spring Fleece Jacket. And now it comes slightly longer. Win, win!

When it’s extra cold, wear a Meriwool, a 100% merino wool base layer, underneath your jeans or hiking pants.

Columbia Storm Surge Pants are both comfortable and practical choice when you need to stay dry.

Women’s Thermal Heat gloves are a great option for any type of weather but they’re especially useful in Alaska. Helps keeps your hands comfortable, warm and dry, all key factors when traveling in harsh climates.

Have we given you enough ideas for planning your trip? Check back as we continue to update our resources and advice so that you have the best boomer travel possible. And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.