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Utah has been blessed with an amazingly diverse landscape. In fact, visiting all of the “Mighty Five” national parks, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands should be on everyone’s bucket list. However, even for the most ambitious traveler, that’s a lot for one trip. 

To really experience Utah, we recommend taking your time to explore this beautiful state. Take a look at a few of our Utah travel resources below to plan your next Utah adventure!

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Online Utah Travel Resources

Start your planning with the official Utah website’s visitors section. This will give you great information on practicalities like travel routes, park information, and events calendar.

Don’t miss the first-person travel articles listed in the Utah Travel Guide here at My Itchy Travel Feet.

Utah has endless options for hiking adventures, but preparation is key. Take a look at some tips for hiking in Utah.

Let’s face it: Utah is full of incredible parks. If you’re looking to hit the highlights, or better yet, travel off-the-beaten-path, get started by looking over the National Park Service’s list of Utah’s National Parks.

The Moab Information Center is a terrific resource, especially of you’re also traveling to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

National Geographic has you covered if you’d like to Road Trip through Utah’s National Parks.

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Utah Books, Guides and Videos

Although online research is really convenient, sometimes sitting down with a good book is more useful. Not to mention, having a handy guide with you while visiting a destination cuts out the need to find an internet connections.  Here are a few great Utah Travel Guides to get you started.

Utah Road and Recreation Atlas

If you’re planning a road trip through Utah, use the Utah Road and Recreation Atlas by Benchmark to see the best that this beautiful state has to offer.

Easy Day Hikes Zion and Bryce is a great guide to have for those wanting to hike Zion and Bryce Canyon. Whether a seasoned trekker or just starting out, this guide will help you find the best routes for your level.

Fodors Travel Utah is a great place to get started planning your Utah Adventure. You really can’t go wrong with Fodor’s Travel guides, which give you great insight to travel information, itinerary suggestions, etc.

60 Hikes withing 60 miles of Salt Lake City

60 Hikes within 60 Miles of SLC is a great resource if you don’t have enough time for an extended hiking trip. If you’re in Salt Lake City for a quick trip, check out this guide for some great hiking tips and routes close to the city.

Gear for a Utah Trip

Utah is a great state for active travel adventures. Obviously, it’s well known for its hiking and rock climbing opportunities. We’ve listed some great gear for active-themed trips below:

BAFX Hiking Sticks

If you’re hoping to hike some of Utah’s beautiful landscape, a good pair of hiking sticks is a wise purchase. BAFX Hiking Sticks will help to keep you on your feet while you explore.

If you’re planning on road tripping through Utah, make sure to put safety first with this 300 piece All-Purpose First Aid Kit.

Coghlans four function whistle

Coghlan’s four-in-one whistle is a handy resource to have while hiking, camping or even road tripping though Utah.

Venture Pal day hiking pack

Packing light is key for exploring some of Utah’s parks on foot, so at 0.7 pounds, the Venture Pal Utility Pack is a great day pack.

Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide

National Geographic’s Ultimate Hikers Gear Guide is well, the ultimate guide for hiking equipment. Additionally, it’s got a lot of cool tips and techiniques for all levels of hikers.

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Packing a sun-protective hat, like the Outdoor Research Sombriolet Khaki Hat, is always a great idea for protecting yourself from the blazing sun, especially while trekking some of Utah’s top outdoor sites.

Have we given you enough ideas for planning your next trip to Utah? Check back as we continue to update our resources and advice so that you have the best boomer travel experiences possible.

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