Travel App Reviews

Travel Apps Reviews

Are you confused about which apps to download for your next trip? Each month, Assistant Editor, Nicole Jewell, reviews 5 apps so that you know the best ones to download to your smartphone, iPad or tablet. We’ll be listing all of the travel app reviews on this page for easy reference. So, go ahead, give them a try. They’ve got the My Itchy Travel Feet seal of approval.

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Five Road Trip Apps

European Travel Apps

Europe’s beautiful diversity and distinct cultures make planning a trip to the “old world” quite the frustrating task. Click on European Travel Apps to find some great apps for making the most out of your European adventure.

 Best Road Trip Apps

Road Trip Apps

While we will go anywhere by land, sea, or air, we always find some of our best travel experiences are made while out on the open road, boomer road trip style. Click on our Road Trip Apps to find some great apps for making the most out of your next road trip experience.

Bucket List Travel Apps

Bucket List Travel Apps

While traditionally people have always made New Year’s Resolutions, maybe it’s finally time to convert that resolution list into a travel wish list for the new year. Click on Travel Bucket List Apps to read our recommendations.

Cruise Travel Apps

Best Luxury Cruise Apps

A nice relaxing cruise with plenty of excursions is just the thing to beat those travel blues. Click on our Best Luxury Cruise Apps to find some great apps for making the most out of your next cruise experience.

Five Best Hiking Apps

Hiking Apps

Whether new to hiking or an old pro, trekking through a beautiful landscape is an incredibly special way to travel. Click on our Hiking Apps to find some great apps for making your next hiking trip a safe and enjoyable experience.

Looking in to the Grand Canyon with blue sky overhead.

The BEST National Park Apps

The US National Parks System is truly one of the best things about traveling in America. Whether you’re into roughing-it road trips or luxury glamping, there are endless apps for making the most of your trip to a National Park. We’ve included travel apps for finding the best parks, where to find the best hiking trails, how to stay safe in National Parks, an audio tour guide plus apps for stargazing, photographing sunrises and sunsets and more. Click on National Park Apps to read about our favorites.

 Hawaiian Travel

Top Apps for Hawaiian Travel

Headed to Hawaii soon? To make the most of your visit to the islands, check out our list of Top Apps for Hawaiian Travel.

New Mexico Travel

Top Five Apps For New Mexico Travel

From the historic capital of Santa Fe to the state’s many expansive parks, New Mexico makes for an unforgettable trip. To get the most out of a trip to New Mexico, check out our recommended Top Five Apps For New Mexico Travel.

Top Five Apps for Montana Travel Apps

Top Five Apps for Montana Travel

Active Travel in Montana has endless options for hiking, boating, skiing, and offers a wonderful array of luxury lodging options among some of the nation’s most incredible landscape. Click on Montana Travel Apps to find the best apps to plan your next Montana adventure.

The best Alaska Travel Apps for your visit. Download these before leaving for Alaska.

Alaska Travel Apps

Thinking about traveling to beautiful Alaska? Check out some of our recommened Alaska Travel Apps before you go!

Top Five Apps for Healthy Travel

Traveling sure take its toll on a body, which means that keeping fit during a trip is very important. Today’s fitness and health apps are great ways to keep up with your fitness routine while on the road. Click on Top Apps for Healthy Travel to read our recommendations.

Top Five Apps for Romantic Travel

Top Five Apps for Romantic Travel

Like it or not, February is the romance month and luckily, those who are in need of a little romantic inspiration can find it in the ever-growing app world. Click on Top Five Apps for Romantic Travel to read our recommendations.

Top Five Camera Apps

Top Five Apps for Phone Cameras

Photography is an important part of traveling these days. Not only can you share your photos with friends and family, but today’s technology lets you take the best photos possible. Click on Top Five Camera Apps to read our recommendations.

Top Five Apps for Summer Travel

Summer Travel is usually all about sun and sand, but that’s not all there is to summertime trips. Some of the best adventure traveling can be done during the summer months and, of course, the right apps will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Read more by clicking on Top Summer Travel Apps.

 Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

Top Five Apps for Winter Travel

Planning a wintertime adventure? To ensure a beautiful and efficient cold weather trip, take a look at our list of Top Five Apps for Winter Travel.

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