The Best Travel Bucket List Apps

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Updated 01.09.2020:  Nothing says boomer travel inspiration like creating a new travel bucket list filled with dream destinations. Whether you’d like to explore around your own area or jet off to the most off-the-beaten-path location you can find, making and fulfilling personalized travel to-do lists with apps is a fun experience.

From deciding where to go to making the trip of a lifetime a reality, using our recommendations for the best travel bucket list apps will add to that fun. If you’re a boomer traveler who’s looking for the latest trip apps for dreaming, keep reading. 

The Best Travel Bucket List Apps

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To do more than just daydream about your upcoming travels from the comfort of your couch, take a look at the recommended travel bucket list apps below to get going on fulfilling those dreams. Hopefully, they will not only help you find inspiration to create your own bucket list, but serve as great resources to encourage you to reach those travel goals!

The best bucket list apps for dreaming about the trip

BUCKiTDREAM is more than the best bucket list app for dreaming big. Easy-to-use tools help you set goals, plan a budget to help fulfill your bucket list travel experience. Need inspiration? The app offers motivational videos as well as the ability to share your travel goals with family and friends to inspire their next trip. Available on iPhone and Android for free.

Before I die is a great resource that serves as inspiration for travelers that may need that little extra push to start living their dreams. This travel wish list app offers a pre-made list of things to do and see before you kick the bucket and encourages you to add your own travel dream destinations. Available on Android for $0.99.

Tripnary helps you find great travel destinations based upon your trip budget. Explore travel ideas listed on the app. Discover how much the trip will cost. Then set an alert to be notified when the price drops. The perfect budget travel app for last-minute travel. Available on iTunes for free.

Private Island News  may be out of a lot of people’s reach, but it’s okay to be a dreamer, right? This bucket list travel app offers news and commentary about private islands all over the world. Perfect for those luxury travelers or those lottery winners. Private Island News can come up with plenty of ideas to keep your dream of owning a private island one day alive. Available on iTunes. Free.

Apps for making your bucket list trip happen

Trail Wallet Travel Budget App is a great app for those who love to travel, but also have a hard time keeping track of their spending habits. The “easy travel expense tracker” app lets users keep track of spending while on the road in order to help save for those bucket list expenses. Available on iTunes and Android for free.

Strides Habit Tracker tracks progress on the goals or habit improvements that you set up. Are you in training for a physically challenging trip? Are you in weight loss mode before that luxury cruise? Celebrate your progress on Strides. Available on iTunes. Works on Apple Watch, too. The app is free but also has premium versions beginning at $4.99.

iWish – Life Goals, Wishlist, Bucket List app is a great resource for keeping track of not only your travel dreams, but also general life goals. The app lets you peruse a library of more than 1200 ideas to get you started as well as letting you add your own original ideas. The app has a number of resources such as to-do lists, priorities, and reminders to help users get on the path to achieving their bucket list goals. Available on iTunes for free.

TripCase is a great app for anyone who has put “get more organized” on their New Year’s resolutions list. This travel app organizes all travel plans and itineraries, with real-time flight schedules and updates, gate changes, delays and cancellations.. Available on iTunes and Android. Free.

Soon The Everyday Bucket List app is perfect for the busy, on-the-go traveler. In case you can’t access your bucket list items, this handy resource lets you keep track of all the things you’d love to remember to do—from checking out that latest film to climbing mount Kilimanjaro—but have a habit of forgetting. Available on iTunes for free.

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