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Five Apps for Staying Healthy While Traveling

During my younger years, I’ll admit to being a complete travel gorger. I entered every new city with a no-holds-barred mentality: see, do, and especially, eat everything the city’s culinary scene has to offer. Good times were had and I can’t say I regret my many years of gluttony.

Today, however, as my old travel wear gets more and more snug, I begrudgingly find myself taking on a whole new perspective on the road. No longer is my body receptive to carefree all-nighters nor massive meals nor multiple stops at those ubiquitous local pastry shops found in every city.

Food for the Soul, Charleston

Nowadays I find that with a little self control and proactively watching what I eat, I feel better and that means I travel better. With an eye on my diet and a few strategic exercises each day, my energy levels now keep up with my desire to see and do everything on a trip.

Even making small changes to my travel lifestyle like the ones in our  One Healthy Change a Month series makes a big difference to my travel experience. And thankfully, for those really looking to get serious about improving health while on the road, there are a ton of healthy travel apps to help maintain diet and exercise practices while traveling. No matter what your destination, these five apps for staying healthy on the road are essential for healthy travel.

1. Hatha Yoga App may cost more than most of the yoga app options on the market, but it really is worth the cost. Not only is instruction provided by Prahlada, a highly respected Sivananda yogi, but you can also customize your own sequence, in addition to using the app’s built-in classes. The app uses stop-motion visuals to demonstrate each pose, allowing users to perfect each yoga movement. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. $9.99

2. Nutrition Menu claims to have the largest freestanding nutritional information database on the market. The app provides the calorie, fat, carb and fiber counts for almost 80,000 food items. Plus, you can track your daily food intake to see the number of calories you’ve consumed. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. $2.99

3. Trailhead by North Face will quickly become your go-to pick for finding a serious outdoor workout. Trailhead locates trails, hikes, bike routes, and more based on your current location. You can also search by activity and route length and complexity. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  Android 2.3 and up. Free.

4. Nike Training Club gives you access to a personal trainer with more than 85 custom built workouts. The app allows you to workout at your own personal level by using detailed instructions and audio commentary. It also tracks the details and history of all your workouts. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Free.

5. Good Food Near You is one of the best apps for those in an unfamiliar location with seemingly surrounded by nothing but junk food options. Good Food Near You uses GPS to recommend healthy food options in your current area. This app is especially useful for road trips, business meetings and late night dinners in unfamiliar locations.  Compatible with iPhone. Free.

Need an app for getting there? You’ll find it in our Travel Apps For Your Next Trip ebook!

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