One Healthy Change a Month

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One thing Alan and I have learned over the years: good health is vital to our active travel style. For that matter, good health is important for any type of travel plans, whether you’re a boomer or a 20-something starting out on a backpacking trip around the world. You can’t explore the Great Wall of China or go hiking in a national park if you don’t feel well or if you have an underlying health issue that keeps you off the road. In 2013, we’re making one healthy change a month to support our boomer travel habits. It’s never to late to join us and become a healthier traveler. Keep checking back as we update this page each month. We’ll toast to our success on January 1, 2014.

Skin Cancer Travel Tips

Traveling is always great for a bit of R&R, but when it comes to taking care of your skin, relaxing on your skin care routine could prove fatal. Here are a couple ofSkin Cancer Travel Tips that I’ve added to my travel toolbox.

Gluten-Free Travel Tips Help Make Travel Tasty Again

Life can be quite difficult for those who can’t eat gluten, and its especially hard for travelers. For great ideas on how to travel gluten free, take a look at Brette Sember’s new book, The Gluten-Free Guide to Travel.

Eating Well on the Road

Tired of coming home from an incredible trip and finding that your pants are a little too snug? Find some great tips for staying healthy on the road with Candy Harrington’s new book, Eating Well on the Road.

February: Stretching

We’re starting off our challenge by making stretching a daily part of our routine. And we end the month with more stretching resources.

February: Extra

Guest writer, Kay Dougherty, explains how her visit to Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, helped keep her commitment to daily stretching. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: A Visit to Canyon Ranch.

March: Lose One Pound a Month

The older we get, the harder it is to lose weight. Want to learn strategies for slow, steady weight loss that stays off? Join our challenge to lose one pound a month. Having trouble meeting your goal (Donna did)? Here’s some extra inspiration to get you back on track.

April: Drinking Enough Water

Water is one of the keys to energy and good boomer health. But how do you get those 8 glasses of water in a day during travel? Follow our tips and improve your water consumption by joining our challenge to Drink Enough Water.

May: Walking Outside 30 Minutes a Day

Walking outside on a daily basis is good for fitness but also mental health. It’s also easy to incorporate this healthy change into your travel schedule. Follow our tips and join our challenge by clicking on Walking Outside 30 Minutes a Day.

June: Breathe Deeply

How many of us consciously take deep breaths? Do you know the health benefits? Click on Breathe Deeply to follow our tips and join the challenge.

July: Strength Training

We loose 1/4 pound in muscle a year after turning 40. Here’s how to stay strong, including tips for strength training while traveling. Click on One Healthy Change a Month: Strength Training to read more.

August: Move

Prolonged sitting is bad for your health. Read our tips on how to take movement breaks at home and on the road. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: Move.

September: Disconnect

Would you like to unwind, de-stress and perhaps add to your longevity? For many of us, disconnecting is easier said than done, but these days,it’s so very important to turn off that computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: Move.

October: Health Hacks

While we’re all spending a large chunk of our days trying to get the most out of modern day technology, sometimes we run out of time to properly take care of ourselves. However, there are quite a few health hacks that we can add to our daily routine that can help us improve our health. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: Health Hacks.

November: Gratitude

With November being the month to give thanks, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the meaning of gratitude. Showing and feeling gratitude ranges from the simple to the complex, but with a little bit of energy, we can bring this thankful attitude to our everyday life. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: Gratitude.

December: Relax

Despite the joyous nature of the holidays, December can be quite stressful for a lot of people. Even for the most ardent holiday lover, travel at this time of year tends to bring a lot of anxiety, so our advice this month is to learn how to properly relax, which will help you enjoy life on the road throughout the year. To read more, click on One Healthy Change a Month: Relax.

January 2014: 10,000 Steps a Day

After a full year of making active changes to our health routine on the road and while traveling, we’re still going strong. We’ve even added a bit of technology to our arsenal: The Fitbit! To read more, click on One Healthy Change: 10,000 Steps a Day.