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Our Favorite Travel Gear

What are your favorite travel tools? We’re asked this question on a daily basis. Alan and I have included some of our “must have” travel gear including luxury and budget travel gift options. Of course we’ve also included links to where you can purchase them. We’ll be adding more travel gear guides so check back often.

Luxury Travel Gift Guides

Got a friend or a loved one with taste for the good travel life? Well, check out our first luxury travel gift list for that travel glutton in your life. Click on: Luxury Travel Gift Guides to find some great luxury travel gear ideas.

Budget Travel Gift Guides

Our annual list of 20 gifts under $20 is a budget friendly, but highly-useful list of travel gifts of all types of travelers. Click on: Budget Travel Gift Guides to find some great budget travel gear ideas.

Travel Gift Guide for Grandkids

Choosing cool items for the grandkids is always a bit of a challenge. Check out our Travel Gift Guide for Grandkids to find some great travel-inspired ideas for that little wanderer in your life.

Cold Weather Gear

Planning a cold weather trip or know someone who is? Take a look at our list of recommended Cold Weather Gear to find some great winter travel gear ideas.

Hiking Gear

If you like to trek, whether at home or on the road, use our list of recommended Hiking Gear to perfect your trekking style!

Packing Travel Gear

Nothing can ruin a good trip like a flimsy old suitcase or lack of packing organization. Don’t be slowed down while on the go by investing in some quality Packing Travel Gear.

Travel Photography Gear

Love to capture your best travel moments wherever you go? So do we! Take a look at our recommended Travel Photography Gear to help you bring those favorite travel moments to life.

Electronic Travel Gear

Today’s gadgets play an important role in meeting our travel needs. Take a look at our list of what we think are essential travel electronics by clicking on Travel Electronic Gear.

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