Luxury Gifts for Travelers That You Can Afford to Buy

Updated 11.01.2019: Luxury travel means different things to different people, but no matter what our individual tastes may be, we can all use some great travel accessories when on the road.  If you’re looking to go to the practical side of gift-giving, make sure to check out this year’s 20 under $20 travel gift guide. But—if you’re looking for something very special for that discerning explorer in your life—this is the gift guide for you!

Thanks to online shopping, holiday gift giving has never been easier. Although, in a world of mass produced, generic products, we all know that we can do better when choosing a unique travel gift for that special boomer traveler in our lives.

The Best Luxury Gifts for Travelers

Luxury gifts for travelers.

Our luxury gifts for travelers list is all about that special something that you can afford to give. So, in the spirit of splurging just a little bit for a loved one with exquisite tastes, we present our 2018 luxury gift guide for baby boomers.You’ll find gifts for her, gifts for him, and a selection of fun travel products that say you went the extra mile in gift giving.

Luxury travel gifts for her

Finding travel gifts is not an easy task, but if you manage to go a step further and look for quality items, there is a world of possibilities at your fingertips. We have scoured the Internet to find some elegant gifts virtually guaranteed to put a smile on any boomer woman’s face come Christmas morning.

Give her some bling

A little bling will most definitely put a smile on your luxury lady’s face. And while some bling costs thousands of dollars, lucky for you, there are more affordable choices that will still dazzle her.

silver womans watch

Michele Stainless Quartz Watch is a sophisticated timepiece that goes with any outfit. From brunches in five star hotels to rustic dinners in Cinque Terre, this is a wonderful gift that any boomer woman would love to wear.

Donna says that it’s perfect for luxury cruise wear, especially on formal nights. Every woman needs a little glitz in her life, right?
Travel Pendant

Compass Necklace is a sweet way to support that traveler who’s either just setting out to see the world or an experienced traveler just looking for a little direction in life. Unobtrusive and dainty, wear this sterling silver necklace on the road without worrying about drawing attention to a flashy piece of jewelry. Looking for a travel gift for a granddaughter? This could be it!

Carry her stuff in style

Why do women carry so much stuff? Sorry, ladies, but it’s true. Chalk it up to wanting to be prepared for any occasion. If there’s a woman who wants to be well prepared on your luxury gift list, these items will help her carry that stuff in style.

Lucerne crossbody bag for women

Bagallini’s Lucerne crossbody bag is a stylish bag for the in-the-know traveler. The lightweight, waterproof construction includes a three stage adjustable strap design. After all, we aren’t all the same height and size.

Available in five colors—Donna has the gray one—the Lucerne crossbody bag is just the right size for exploring European cities. The removable RFID phone wristlet protects your phone and credit cards from those sneaky electronic thieves.

little red carry bag with makeup inside

Litt Bag by Pursel with LED lights certainly deserves a spot on the unique travel gifts list. Have you ever tried to find something in your bag while the plane or train lights are out? It’s frustrating right? Put an end to fumbling around in the dark with this ingenious bag that has two little led bulbs that light up when the bag is opened.

If yours is the strong, quiet type, this tailored messenger bag does all the talking. Sleek, classy and useful, the somewhat high price tag is actually quite reasonable when you consider that it’s a long-lasting Michael Kors bag.

Vera Bradley Sidesaddle Cross-Body Bag
The perfect travel bag may not exist yet, but this Vera Bradley Sidesaddle Cross-Body Bag is certainly close. And there’s something so luxurious about a leather bag. The compact shape makes this Vera Bradley bag a sophisticated option for fun nights out exploring a new city. And it comes in three colors: black, red or maize.

Michael Kors Jet Set Handbag
This sophisticated leather tote by Michael Kors is all you need for either an adventurous day trip out and about or a stylish dinner on the town. Available in 13 colors, your boomer gal will definitely be impressed with your thoughtful gift.

Pamper her with a luxury gift of beauty

Encourage the woman on you luxury gift list to take care of herself. We’ve found products that will pamper her from head to toe.
face-cleaning set with cleansing brush and accessories

Mia Smart Sonic Cleansing Face Brush is a smart beauty product that’s small enough to pack in a carryon. Traveling does a number on your skin so this cleansing face brush with multiple accessories is a great way to restore your natural glow.

Philosophy Travel Set
Philosophy Travel Set will pamper your frequent traveler. Items in the 5-piece set include shampoo, shower gel, 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes, exfoliating face wash and that oh-so-important anti-aging moisturizer. Philosophy claims it’s a miracle worker.

Keep her safe

Taking small precautions results in big safety. Keep your luxury gal safe with these innovative products.

Pacsafe travel bag

A portable safe is always a good idea to protect your valuables on the road, however lugging around something heavy or bulky isn’t an option for most travelers. This lightweight PacSafe portable bag is made with a 360-degree stainless steel wire mesh embedded into the fabric to protect its contents. The bag comes in two sizes that will either fit a 15-inch MacBook or most iPads.

Give her something warm and cozy

Citizen Cashmere Travel Wrap

This Luxurious Travel Wrap  is a super soft extra-large cashmere travel wrap for every possible occasion. Snuggle up on the plane, fold it into a pillow for resting your head or wear as a luxury shawl when you need a stylish cover up in a chilly restaurant. And the light gray color goes with practically everything!

Do you need to move right into shopping? You’ll find all of the times in this article at Amazon on our list of Luxury Gifts for Boomers Travelers.

Women's Crew Midlayer Sailing Rain Jacket

Helly Hansen Jacket is a stylish jacket that is waterproof, windproof and breathable—just perfect for off-the-beaten-path travel in style! And with 18 colors and styles, you might buy one for yourself, as well. This is the perfect jacket for taking on a cruise in Alaska. And those bright colors will show up great in your photos.

Pure Cashmere Robe for Women

Wearing Pure Cashmere Robe for Women equals luxury on the road or at home. Of course, traveling with a cashmere robe may mean you never actually step foot out of your hotel, but hey, that’s not always a bad thing is it? With 17 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right cashmere robe for her.
Mujjo Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves offer a touch of luxury for when regular leather gloves won’t work with touchscreens. These crochet and leather gloves are perfect for iPhones and iPads and whatever else you need to electronically touch. They work flawlessly with almost every touchscreen, allowing your fingers to stay warm and toasty in any weather.

Luxury Travel Gifts for Him

Shopping for men doesn’t always have to mean purchasing practical, manly items. Many boomer men love to mix a bit of luxury into their adventures. And why not? They’ve earned it! Take a look at some items we think are perfect for the renaissance boomer man on your gift list.

 Komal's Passion Leather Briefcase

Enjoy the feel of the Komal’s Passion Handmade Leather Briefcase. Everyone needs a good briefcase that makes them feel special at some point in their life, no matter what their profession. As a traveler by hobby or career, Komal’s leather bag is a luxurious accessory for office or travel-bound adventurers.

Luxury Toys for Men

Just in case you find yourself asking, “What do I give someone who has it all?” This fun Luxury Toys for Men book is a great gift for that sophisticated man in your life who has a taste for the good life! Watch out, though, this may inspire him to buy a few toys like a Gulfstream jet or a private island. Oh well, he can dream, right?

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag screams old world sophistication, doesn’t it? Your man will appreciate that this leather Dopp kit includes a waterproof lining. There are two 2-oz silicone bottles for storing liquids in the mesh bottle holders inside the bag, not to mention two zippered pockets. Can you say organized?

The art of shaving travel kit
The Art of Shaving adds a touch of luxury to getting ready in the morning. Although some men on the road prefer to forgo shaving, there’s always a need for a good, clean shave once in a while.

The Art of Shaving Travel Set, with TSA approved sizes, includes Badger hair shaving brush, pre-shave oil pump, shaving cream pump, and after-shave blam pump. The sandlewood fragrance is mmm-mmm good.

Luxury travel gifts for getting there

Arriving in style is part of the fun, don’t you think? While you’ll find plenty of items in our luggage and luggage accessories list on Amazon, I’ve pulled out a few extra special ones for this travel gift guide. After all, do we all want to be toting around black carryons?
S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Travel Tote Duffel

Lightweight, yet durable, the Oversized Canvas Leather Trim Travel Shoulder Bag is a rugged addition to any man’s luggage collection. This beautiful tote makes for a great weekender bag, perfect for those spontaneous trips!

Black Baggallini expandable carry on duffle bag

Donna’s favorite personal item bag, the Baggallini Expandable Carry on Duffle Bag provides the luxury of flexibility. When you’ve made a few too many purchases, unzip the bag to expand it’s size. You’ll still meet carryon size requirements for bringing it onto the plane. And about that black color, the Baggallini Expandable Carry on Duffle Bag also comes in fireworks (red and purple print) or blue prism (blue, black and gray print).

Iblue travel canvas bag

Why are we including a second canvas duffle bag for men? Because the shape of the Iblue Canvas Leather Travel Shoulder Bag is perfect for stuffing in that extra pair of shoes—the ones Donna can’t fit into her own carryon. Seriously, perfectly sized and designed to last, the Iblue Canvas Leather travel bag is one wise investment for any type of traveler.
Evecase Canvas DSLR Travel Camera Backpack
Evecase Canvas DSLR Travel Camera Backpack stands out from all the hundreds of camera bags on the market. You can’t go wrong with this space-efficient camera bag, which comes with a laptop compartment and rain cover. And the durable canvas material is also water resistant. What photographer wants to get his or her expensive camera gear wet? Not Alan. Or Donna.

More Luxury Travel Gear for Boomers

It’s the little extras that truly make a trip enjoyable. We’ve collected just a few to pamper the boomer traveler in your life.

Set of white aplle airpods

For that music or podcast lover in your life, these wireless, Bluetooth Airpods make a thoughtful gift. Providing crystal clear sound, the airpods get up to 5 hours of listening time with each charge. That take get you across the country or part way to Europe.

Phone Charging Passport Holder Travel Case with Power Bank is a sharp way to carry all the important travel documents in one place, and charge your phone on the go. With eight colors to choose from, you don’t have to choose the black one. And it’s RFID, too.

With the chaos in today’s travel world, especially on airplanes, Bose Noise Cancelling, Over-Ear Headphones are a must. Use them to drown out those crying babies or whiny husbands. Bose Noise Cancelling headphones let you truly enjoy an inflight movie in peace.

Unique Travel Gifts for Boomers

So what do you buy the traveler who has everything? Keep reading for a selection of unique travel gifts that we bet they don’t have.

Whiskey tree ornaments

Whiskey Bauble Tree Ornaments could just be the most perfect gift for someone who needs a bit of liquid strength to get through the holidays. Guaranteed to put the joy back into trimming the tree. Oops. Who took a sip from the whiskey ornament?

Egyptian Cotton His & Hers Waffle Robes

Egyptian Cotton His & Hers Waffle Robes remind us of the spa. These super smooth robes are the perfect way to unwind after a long day of exploration. A fun gift for the traveling boomer couple.

Leica D-LUX5 10.1 MP Compact Digital Camera with Super-Fast f/2.0 Lens

Nobody does camera design like Leica. Pricey? Yes, but Leica D-LUX5 10.1 MP Compact Digital Camera with Super-Fast f/2.0 Lens is all the camera you’ll ever need to bring those travel memories to life in photo form.

Go Pro Hero Camera
Go Pro Hero is one incredible gift for that special traveling videographer in your life. The Go Pro Hero is the only tool needed for recording great adventures, either on the road or at home. It’s easy to use and the perfect companion on a multigenerational trip. You’ll be so happy that you recorded travel memories with the grandkids.

Smart Picture Frame with Wi-Fi.

Keeping your friends and family close is important while on the road, and this 15 inch Smart Picture Frame with Wi-Fi is the perfect gift for the sentimental traveler. Take it along on your world cruise to stream photos of the kids and grandkids. Or feature photos from the trip that you’re on delivered straight from your phone via Wi-Fi.

Need some more travel gift ideas? Check out all of our Travel Gifts Lists for the active boomer traveler!

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