Packing Gear for Boomer Travelers

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Packing Gear Guide for Boomer Travelers

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What makes choosing packing gear for boomers different than options for other age groups? Aging bodies require luggage that is lightweight and easy to use. We need bags that roll smoothly, sturdy handles, and zippers or latches that open easily.

Most boomer travelers have some body part that’s beginning to wear out so choosing styles that are easy on our bodies is a must. I recently added the Away oversize carryon to my luggage supplies. Now my wrists don’t hurt from pulling a carryon. Why did I wait so long to purchase a bag with spinner wheels?

And while we may admire those younguns toting all their possessions in a backpack, I don’t recommend it for boomers. Who wants to arrive at their destination with sciatica?

And, by all means, if you aren’t strong enough to lift your carryon into the overhead, check it! Boomer ladies who swear by carryon only travel, I’m looking at you.

Best travel luggage for boomers

Choosing the right packing gear is essential to any trip. Take a look at some of my favorite packing items that keep your travels organized as well as luggage that’s easy on boomer bodies.

The Eagle Creek 22 rolling duffle.
The Eagle Creek 22″ rolling duffle packed and ready to go.

Eagle Creek Luggage Load Warrior Wheeled Duffel 22 Bag will fit into the trunk of those small European rental cars. And the latest version comes with four spinner wheels. Yay!

I traveled for 21 days in China with this bag. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, even though the wheels on my older bag aren’t the spinner variety.

The duffle style allows for tucking odd-sized items in the nooks and crevices of the bag. This is especially helpful for cold weather travel when clothes are somewhat bulkier.

Packing cubes are the key to staying organized with this rolling duffle—actually any luggage. You’ll know where everything is located rather than digging around in your bag trying to find an item.

Here’s how to pack it: I roll pants and skirts to place in the bottom of the bag, creating an even bottom layer. Add the packed envelope and cubes, then use the extra space to tuck in a pair of shoes or other bulky items.

This bag is my go-to for road trips or trips where trunk space or overhead bins in airplanes are limited. On cruises or fancy international trips, I prefer the Away oversize carryon that I mentioned earlier. It’s oh-so-chic!

Read about my experience traveling with the Eagle Creek Wheeled Duffle Bag. There’s even a video to show you how I packed.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Starter Set
Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Starter Set is the secret to packing light and efficiently. Use these handy organizers to keep your suitcase nice and tidy!

Having a system for packing them is important. Use the same cube for the same items each time you travel so that you’ll remember what is packed where—it sure helps this boomer’s forgetfulness. The packing envelope is wonderful for shirts and tops.

best personal item bag for the boomer traveler

Baggallini Expandable Carry on Duffle is my go-to personal item bag for travel. The bag looks more like a tote or purse, which I like. The handles slip over the handles of a rolling carryon, which is especially good if I’ve packed a little too much in the Baggallini bag.

A zipper expands the bag’s capacity, just in case you buy too many gifts for the folks back home (or yourself). My 15″ MacBook Pro fits without having to use the expand function. 

Learn why the Baggallini Expandable Carry on Duffle is my favorite personal item bag.

Delsey rolling tote bag

The Delsey Quilted Underseat Tote is perfect for weekend getaways or very short trips. It fits underneath most airlines seats, except for the smallest of commuter planes.

A zippered compartment in the front of the bag will hold wallets, credit cards and a smartphone, allowing me to slip my mostly empty purse inside the bag. Having only one item to keep up with makes traveling through airports a breeze! 

Read my review of the Delsey Quilted Underseat Tote.

Essential travel accessories for boomer travelers

While you don’t need a slew of them, there are a few essential travel accessories that add security, comfort and ease to a boomer travel adventure. I believe in keeping it simple, only including those items that I’ll actually use.Passport Travel Wallet

Travel Smart RFID Passport Wallet: Investing in a good travel passport wallet that will also hold your credit cards and other personal items is a must for any traveler. When purchasing travel wallets or passport holders, always look for RFID technology that protects your information from electronic identity theft.

Travelon Travel Bungee

Travelon Bag Bungee: Use this wonderful bungee hook to connect all your bags into one handy compact unit. 

Mesh Travel Bags

Zipclikgo Storage Mesh Organizer Bags: These mesh storage bags have endless uses, from jewelry storage to beach wallets.

All Purpose Microfiber Tote Bag

Travel Smart All Purpose Microfiber Tote Bag: This little microfiber bag is the perfect travel companion in so many ways. We like it so much that it’s made an appearance in our latest 20 under $20 Travel Gifts for That Boomers Will Love. Carry it on shore excursions or to the beach.

set of two black makeup kits

Makeup Organizer Bags: These handy bags come to the rescue for any occasion. Although these organizer bags are made for makeup, you could use them for just about everything, from cable storage to jewelry cases.

Travel is more pleasant when you’re organized and using luggage that fits your travel style.

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