Traveling Light With The Eagle Creek Load Warrior

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Updated 07.24.2019: Eagle Creek invited me to review the 22″ Load Warrior in 2014. The latest version of the bag comes with an Anodized aluminum mono tube handle and oversize treaded wheels in a protective wheel housing. And, yes, I’m still traveling with my original Eagle Creek rolling duffle bag.

The Eagle Creek 22" rolling duffle packed and ready to go.
The Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22″ rolling duffle packed and ready to go.

Confession time. I’m not a light packer. Although my packing skills have improved over the years, and I no longer pack everything I own, becoming an efficient packer is still on my to do list. At least that WAS the case before I traveled for 18 days using an Eagle Creek 22″ rolling duffle bag carry-on.

Say what? I traveled for 18 days with a carry-on and one personal item? OH, YES I DID.

When Alan and I signed up for an 18-day China-tour, travel provider, Ker & Downey, urged us to pack light. It was the perfect opportunity to improve my packing skills by challenging myself to travel light with a carry-on and one personal item.

The Load Warrior—22″ rolling duffle bag—along with several Eagle Creek packing solution products, would be my tools for becoming a light packer. AND, I DID IT!

I’ve received many questions from My Itchy Travel Feet readers, as well as Facebook fans, about my packing light experience with the Eagle Creek 22″ rolling duffle carry-on. The best way to tell all of you about it is to show you. So, upon my return from the trip, I made a video as I unpacked my bag so that you could see exactly what I packed:

What I liked about the Eagle Creek rolling duffle bag carry-on:

  • The lightweight size—5 lbs 13 oz (2.6 kg)—is a big help in meeting airline luggage weight requirements.
  • The compact dimensions—17 x 22 x 9—meet airline carry-on size restrictions. I know because I tested it out at the United counter.
  • Interior space can be increased 15% by using the expandable zippers—I had enough space without using this feature.
  • Wheeled handling system operates smoothly—no twisting over while rolling like my old rolling duffle bag did. It’s a wonder that I didn’t break my wrist using the old bag.
  • Packing folders and cubes kept my clothes from wrinkling. They provided more space in the bag; but, most importantly, I appreciated the ease of use. When pulling out a pair of pants located in the bottom of the bag, all I had to do was remove the folder (I called this an envelope in the video) and cubes. No more re-rolling every piece of clothing to reach what I need at the bottom of my bag. BIG WIN!
  • Comes with an Eagle Creek lifetime warranty.
Eagle Creek 22" rolling duffle easily meets airline carry-on size requirements.
My Eagle Creek rolling duffle bag fit easily into the sizing tray at the United counter.

The current version of the Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22″ rolling duffle bag is available in black, olive or smoky blue. The quality and durability of this bag is well worth the price. Eagle Creek also produces rolling duffle bags in 25″, 26″ and 36″ sizes.

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Disclosure: Eagle Creek provided the 22″ rolling duffle carry-on and packing products for my use. The opinions are my own. And pardon the positivity but there was nothing negative to say about my experience using this bag. It really is that good.


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