A Pill Organizer That Travels With You

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MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer
MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer

How do you pack prescriptions and supplements for a trip? Do you dump them in plastic zip-lock bags?That’s how Alan and I have been packing our supplements. Luckily, we’re healthy and don’t take many prescription drugs, but we do believe in the benefits of taking supplements. Of course when we’re lugging around a plastic bag of pills, it’s hard to tell if we’ve taken our daily vitamins, not to mention becoming confused about which pill is which. That’s why when the MedCenter folks invited us to try the MedCenter Traveler Weekly Pill Organizer, we said yes.

Our plans were to take the pill organizer to China with us in March. But then we challenged ourselves to travel for 18 days with only a carryon and that changed everything. On a short trip the case would have easily fit into our carryons but not so when we were cramming 18 days worth of clothing into one bag.

So we’ve been giving the MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer (XL size, it also comes in a slightly smaller version) a trial run at home. Take a look:

MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer comes with a box for each day of the week.
A box for each day of the week holds pills for that day.

The black nylon case is durable and has a velcro closure for easy access. Dimensions are 6.75″H x 7.5″W x 1.5″D. Inside are pill boxes for each day of the week.

The MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer has boxes for morning, noon, evening and night.
A pill box for morning, noon, evening and night.

It’s hard to forget taking your pills when each pill box is compartmentalized by time of day.

Will 10 Vitamin C pills fit into the MedCenter Weekly Pill Organizer?
How many pills will fit in each box?

To demonstrate how many pills will fit into each box, I used the largest pill in the house—Vitamin C.

10 Vitamin C pills will fit into MedCenter Traveler Weekly Pill Organizer. Yes, the lid will close.
Yes, the box closes.

I was able to place 10 vitamin C pills in the pill organizer box and the lid still closed and stayed closed.

The MedCenter Traveler Pill Organizer would work especially well for those long cruises that Alan and I like to take. No more forgetting to take our vitamins, which will go a long way in keeping us healthy for the entire cruise. And the pill organizer would be very convenient when traveling with elderly parents who travel with lot of prescription drugs.

You might also want to take a look at the entire MedCenter System. Sure wish that I could talk my elderly mother (who is forgetful and takes a lot of prescription drugs) into using this on a daily basis. It would be a relief to know that she’s taking her medications properly and on a timely basis.

MedCenter products can be purchased directly from the MedCenter website. The MedCenter Traveler Weekly Pill Organizer is also available on Amazon.

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