Breeze through TSA Security with Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag

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What if there was a wheeled duffle bag that made going through airport security hassle-free? Meet the Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag by ecbc. Have you heard of the ecbc FastPass system? It’s a one-of-a-kind system that lets you breeze through TSA airport security without unloading all of your electronic gear.

ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag is the easy way to take your electronics through TSA airport security.
ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag has lots of handles.

You’ve been there. At the airport you approach the TSA security line, show your ID and boarding pass, then unload the laptop and iPad from your carryon, placing it in a separate gray bin from the one holding your shoes, jacket, belt and bag of toiletries.

Of course, if you have TSA PreCheck, you don’t need to unload everything into gray bins. But there are always those times—like in small airports with no TSA line—when TSA PreCheck travelers still must unload laptops and everything else. What a pain.

Electronics like laptops, ipads and phones fit easily into the padded pockets of the FastPass compartment of the Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag.
Electronics like laptops, ipads and phones fit easily into the padded pockets of the FastPass compartment.

I’ve recently been trying out the 22” Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag from ecbc and that TSA approved FastPass compartment is really something else. It’s well cushioned with high-density foam to protect electronics. There’s a pocket that holds up to a 15” laptop, another pocket for iPad or tablet and still another one for a phone.

Charging electronics is easy with the ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag.
Charging electronics is easy.

And I really like the quick-access pocket for recharging devices via the 5500 MAH Power Bank Battery. And the best part—when it’s time to go through TSA security, I unzip the FastPass compartment, flip it out into a lie-flat position and breeze through the line.

If you fly on regional carriers where carryons must be gate-checked, be sure to take out laptop and other important electronic devices before leaving your Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag on the cart at plane side.

But the Falcon Wheeled Duffle Bag isn’t just a convenient way to take electronics through airport security. The water resistant carryon has smooth rolling wheels, a sturdy handle and YKK zippers that are self-repairing.

The ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag is great for road trips, too.
Taking the ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag on the road.

I recently traveled with the bag on a weekend road trip. I was able to eliminate an extra bag that would have carried my electronics because they all fit into the FastPass pocket. Alan’s always happy when we can downsize our load—we are notorious over-packers when it comes to road trips. Knowing that my electronics were well cushioned put my mind at ease, just in case Alan accidentally placed something on top of the bag.

The interior of the ecbc Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag offers plenty of space.
I used the top zippered compartment for packing blouses and tops, then rolled pants to fit into the bottom compartment.

And, although everything I needed fit easily into the bag, there is a zipper extender, just in case. However I would only use that feature on a longer road trip.

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Disclosure: ecbc provided the Falcon Wheeled Duffle bag for review purposes. However, as always, the opinions are my own.

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