Saving My Back With a Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

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Updated 11.24.2018. Although I wrote this rolling tote bag review in April 12, 2016, this Delsey bag is still going strong and I still recommend it.

Do you struggle with a heavy backpack or personal item when traveling by plane? Have you considered a rolling tote bag? Meet my new favorite piece of luggage—the Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote.

Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote is lightweight and fits easily under airplane seats.
Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote

As a boomer traveler with back issues, lifting a rolling carryon into the overhead bin on an airplane results in an aching back—or worse—a ruined trip. And, although Alan is positive that a gallant man will step up to help me, it doesn’t happen very often in today’s travel world.

Per doctor’s orders, I check my carryon. I’m okay with the inconvenience (and the extra cost) of checking a bag. But what do I do with the heavy backpack or personal item that I usually rest on the handle of the rolling carryon?

Up until my latest trip, I’ve schlepped the backpack (or personal item) through the airport. And that’s not good for my back either, which is why I searched for a rolling tote bag that would fit underneath the airplane seat.

I’m so happy that I purchased the Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote at Amazon. On a recent trip to Orange County and Atlanta to visit family, this Delsey Tote fit under every airline seat, even the small Bombardier CRJ-200 that I flew from Salt Lake City to Missoula (however it would not fit into the overhead on the Bombardier plane—not much does).

My major use for this rolling tote will be for hauling around computer, camera and personal items that would usually go in a large purse, when I’m traveling with a wheeled Eagle Creek duffle (which I must check). But on the Orange County/Atlanta trip, I found myself using the Delsey tote as a carryon.

You can also use the Delsey Quilted UnderSeat Rolling Tote as a carryon.
Using the rolling tote bag as my carryon.

On this occasion, I really didn’t have enough items to make checking a carryon worth it. All I needed was one outfit and pair of dressy flat shoes for my mother-in-law’s 98th birthday luncheon that would see double duty when taking my mom out to dinner.

The Chico’s outfit I wore on travel days (black and white zenergy jacket, sleeveless black turtleneck and black zenergy pants) was stylish enough to wear when driving my mom on errands. And, horror of horrors to boomer fashion stylists, I wore black tennis shoes on the plane to make sure that I would work out at my mom’s. Add a pair of track pants and t-shirt that tripled for exercise, lounging around, and sleepwear and I was set.

All of the items, including the dressy flat shoes, easily fit into the Delsey Quilted Rolling Tote with room to spare. And it was light enough that I had no problem lifting the bag into the overhead bin so that my large, leather purse—holding a MacAir laptop, Kindle and TSA bag of toiletry items—had room to fit underneath the seat. And, of course, I could rest the large purse on the handle of the tote bag when walking through the airport.

What I like about the Delsey rolling tote bag

  • Smooth rolling inline wheels
  • Sturdiness of the telescoping handle (flimsy handles that cause the bag to turn are a disaster waiting to happen for boomer wrists)
  • Easy access front organizer for storing travel documents and other personal items plus a padded pocket for iPad or Kindle
  • Narrow width allows rolling through the airplane aisle without bumping into seats. Yay!
  • Convenient trolley sleeve that slips the Delsey tote bag over the handle of a rolling carryon for negotiating the airport with two bags.

And a few minor complaints

  • No cushioning for laptops. I recommend packing your laptop in a portable sleeve before storing it in the main compartment (the only place it’s going to fit).
  • Larger laptops will not fit in the bag. My Macbook 13” Air just squeezes into the main compartment.
  • The plastic lining has an odor when the bag is new. Be sure to air it out before using.

The Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote is available in black with pink lining, brown with turquoise lining or purple with yellow lining. When I surveyed my Facebook friends, the consensus was to purchase the purple one.

Instead, I went with the brown, mainly because it would coordinate with more of my travel outfits (I consider this a purse). And I felt that the black would show dirt easier since it would be spending time underneath an airplane seat. And we all know how dirty airplanes are these days.

Although I purchased this bag for air travel, it’s going to make a great addition to our boomer road trips. On long trips, I’ll pack most of my clothes in a rolling carryon but put two or three days worth of clothing in the Delsey bag and then rotate the clothing out every so often. This will keep Alan from having to unload a heavy bag from the car each night. Say thank you, Alan.

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