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US Road Trips

US Road Trips

Is the open road calling your name? A road trip through the U.S. offers incredible opportunities for any serious boomer road warrior. In fact, the biggest challenge to exploring America is choosing from the numerous routes. There are so many incredible landscapes, historic sights and of course, amazingly diverse culinary adventures to see and experience. Check out some of our favorite US road trips and scenic drives. You’ll be planning a road trip before you know it.

Tips for an Alaska Highway Road Trip

There’s probably no state more diverse and mysterious than Alaska. This beautiful part of the U.S. is a vast area, filled with history, natural beauty and lots and lots of bears! Click on Tips for an Alaska Highway Road Trip to read our articles. Itchy travel feet guaranteed!

Scenic Drives

The U.S. is filled with an incredible and diverse landscape and taking strategic scenic drives is the best way to explore some of the country’s amazing natural beauty. Click on Scenic Drives to read about our favorites.

Off the Beaten Path Options for Midwest Road Trips

For those road warriors out there, the Midwest offers a host of boomer-friendly travel destinations and has endless opportunities for road trip adventures. Click on Off the Beaten Path Options for Midwest Road Trips to read more.

Road Trip through the Curious Sites of Amarillo

A Southwestern road trip wouldn’t be complete without a tour of some of Amarillo’s wild sights. Find out all of the best roadside stop by clicking on The Curious Sites of Amarillo.

Coastal California Road Trip

Driving the California coast is one of the ultimate U.S. boomer travel destinations, especially if you’re zipping around in a sports car. Our itinerary begins in Paso Robles, continues up the the coast through Big Sur, Half Moon Bay and Mendocino before turning inland toward Sonoma. Click on Coastal California Road Trip to read more.

Southern California Road Trip

On a road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and back, you’ll follow Highway 1 for scenic views, great seafood and active boomer adventures. To read more, click on: Southern California Road Trip.

New Mexico Backroads Adventure

Follow this itinerary from Tucson, AZ to Grants, NM to discover lava fields, ancient graffitti and backroads beauty. To read more, click here: New Mexico road trip.

Riding to Georgia’s Beautiful Golden Isles

If you’re looking for a southern road trip, get yourself to Georgia’s gorgeous Golden Isles. To read more, click on Riding to Georgia’s Beautiful Golden Isles.

Harley Adventures through the Four Corners

Looking to hit the road in style? Take a look at our guest post detailing the best way to explore the four corners region on two wheels. To read more, click on Harley Adventures through the Four Corners.

Riding South Dakota’s Badlands

Hitting the road in a Harley gives you all kinds of travel options. One of the most original road trips is hitting South Dakota’s Badlands. To read more, click on Riding South Dakota’s Badlands.

Florida Keys Road Trip

Our Florida Keys road trip itinerary included a little bit of everything and of course, plenty of boomer adventure. Click on Florida Keys Road Trip to read about our experience.

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