Best US Road Trips for Boomer Travelers

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We’ve been sharing the best US road trips for baby boomer travelers for years. Our generation loves to hop in the car and explore.

Road trips in the U.S. offer incredible opportunities for any serious boomer road warrior. In fact, the biggest challenge to exploring the USA by car or RV is choosing the road trip itinerary that’s right for you.


Ideas and Itineraries for the Best US Road Trips

There are so many scenic landscapes, historic sights and of course, amazingly diverse active travel adventures to experience on a road trip in the USA. From bucket list road trips to off-the-beaten-path itineraries, you’ll find them here.

Enjoy reading first-person road trip articles that will make your travel feet so itchy that you’ll be planning a boomer travel adventure before you know it! When you’re ready to get going, our USA road trip planner is a great place to start your research.

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Take these USA road trips!

From the Alaska Highway to Georgia’s Golden Isles, you’ll find plenty of U.S. road trip inspiration from our first-hand experiences and those of hand-picked guest writers. They’re divided by region so that you can find a favorite more easily.


  • Western U.S. road trip itineraries
  • Southern road trip itineraries
  • Midwest road trips
  • Northeast road trips

Are you looking for short scenic drives in the U.S.? You’ll find them on our Scenic Drives page.

Western US Road Trip Itineraries

From Arizona to Oregon and beyond into Alaska, you’ll experience incredible American driving trips in the Western U.S. Since Alan and I have lived in Arizona, Montana and Oregon, we have plenty of western road trip itineraries to share with you.

Highway traveling towards mountains

Alaska Highway Road Trip

Read our Alaska Highway road trip tips for the best routes to choose, when to go, and where to stay. An Alaska road trip definitely belongs on your boomer bucket list.

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2-Day Road Trip From Las Vegas for Getting Outdoors

Las Vegas is a popular destination for entertainment, fine dining, luxury travel experiences and gambling. If you’re like me, after a day or two, I’m ready to be outdoors. That’s where plans for a road trip from Las Vegas come in handy. While you could road trip to Death Valley National Park or national parks […]

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Take the High Road To Taos

Have you driven the High Road To Taos while visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico? This scenic road is a great way to get out of town for a bit. Or do like Alan and I did when we drove the High Road, spend a couple of nights on a Taos getaway before returning to “The […]

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Drive Highway 12 Scenic Byway on a fun road trip in southern Utah.

How to Drive Highway 12 Scenic Byway in Southern Utah

It’s no secret here at My Itchy Travel Feet that Alan loves road trips. When we decided to drive Highway 12 Scenic Byway on a late spring road trip through southern Utah, he walked around the house for days with a big grin on his face. But this last-minute trip, while beautiful, proved to be […]

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Hiking on the Kottenai Creek Trail in Montana

Ten Montana summer road trips without the crowds

Visit Montana originally sponsored this look at Montana summer road trips that take you off-the-beaten-path. As Alan and I continue to explore the Treasure State, I’ll be adding more Montana summer vacation ideas for getting you out on the road. Are you thinking about a summer trip to Montana? It’s the perfect season to experience […]

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The valley scenery reveals itself starting into the Monument Valley Scenic Drive.

One-Day Southwest Road Trip Itinerary on I-40

Will you be driving through Arizona and New Mexico on I-40 without a lot of time to explore? Check out this one-day southwest road trip itinerary. There are many things to see and do in the American Southwest. From a variety of national parks like the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to charming little towns, […]

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sand dunes in front of the ocean

Fall on the Oregon Coast

Have you considered an Oregon Coast fall trip? I know what you’re thinking—why visit in the fall? The water’s too cold in Oregon for swimming—actually it’s too cold and rough most of the year for swimming. And it will be rainy, right? I had the same thoughts about visiting the Oregon Coast in October when […]

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Jim and Diane Rental Bike

Harley Adventures through the Four Corners

Have you thought about a Four Corners road trip by motorcycle? There’s a subset of active boomer travelers who enjoy exploring on a Harley or BMW. That includes Diane White who is here to share her first-person experience exploring the United States’ Four Corners region by motorcycle The active, independent travelers hit the open road […]

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large lake surrounded by greenery

A Pacific Northwest Road Trip Itinerary for Boomer Travelers

The enormous size of North America offers endless options for exciting boomer road trip adventures, but for those looking for stunning coastal routes mixed with cultural road stops, there’s no place like the Pacific Northwest! Guest contributor, Richard Atkins, recently explored this incredible area and is here with tips for an exciting Pacific Northwest road […]

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new mexico road trip

New Mexico Backroads Adventure

There’s nothing that Alan and I like better than an off-the-beaten-travel experience, especially if it includes a fun, boomer road trip. Here’s a New Mexico backroads trip that’s one of our favorites. It includes national monuments and out-of-the-way destinations with plenty of history. New Mexico backroads trip itinerary starting from Tucson At the My Itchy […]

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Visit Little Bighorn on a Montana Road Trip

If you’re roadtripping in Montana, visit Little Bighorn on an exploration of Big Sky Country. It’s a somber lesson on what happens when two cultures collide. Teresa Otto shares her experience visiting Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. You’ll also appreciate her tips on how to get there. How to visit Little Bighorn on a road […]

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Blue lavender interspersed with yellow flowering plants and a brown home surrounded by evergreen trees.

A Fun 3-day Olympic Peninsula Road Trip for Boomers

Are you considering an Olympic Peninsula road trip in Washington State? The region hosts a diverse selection of active travel experiences, especially for nature lovers. When planning trips, I always appreciate advice from the locals. Olympic Peninsula resident, Jo-Anne Bowen, Journeys with Jo-Anne, has created a wonderful 3-day boomer road trip to tempt our itchy […]

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Coastal California Road Trip

The California coast makes a wonderful road trip. Should you visit the North Coast, South Coast or drive the entire length of the state? Our itineraries will help you decide.

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green hills and blue skies with clouds

Road Trip through the Central Coast: 3 Must-See Destinations

We love an early summer road trip, don’t you? Long days and mild weather makes for a lot of options to choose from, especially in sunny California. Remember when Donna and Alan took their coastal California road trip? But there’s always more to see in this beautiful part of the U.S. Guest contributor, Susan Guillory […]

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Fort Ross State Park

Off the Wine Trail in Sonoma County

Traveling on a Coastal California road trip is one of our favorite memories—the scenery—the food—the wine—it’s all good. But what if you’re not a wine lover? Will you find enough to do when your road trip reaches Sonoma County?  Today’s guest writer and photographer, Noel Morata from behind Travel, says “absolutely” if you follow his advice for going off […]

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Southern Road Trip Itineraries

Driving through the South offers road trips to the coast, mountains and everywhere in between. Read about roadtripping in the Florida Keys, beautiful trips in the Low Country, a motorcycle ride to the Georgia coast and more.

Driving through History on a Natchez Trace Road Trip

On a Natchez Trace road trip, you’ll experience history, culture and a scenic drive through beautiful areas of the South. Alan and I have driven a small portion of the road on a short, Natchez Trace tour. However My Itchy Travel Feet Featured Contributor, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, drove the entire parkway. She shares her […]

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A lighthouse with the beam on shining from sand dunes on the Outer Banks

How to Take an Outer Banks Lighthouses Road Trip

Alan and I have long talked about an Outer Banks lighthouses road trip. The idea of slowly traveling along the North Carolina Coast while visiting and photographing historical lighthouses is our kind of boomer travel fun. In this article, you’ll learn the best route and which lighthouses to include in an Outer Banks lighthouse itinerary. […]

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sailing ships at sunset

Florida Keys Road Trip

This Florida Keys Road Trip includes fishing, kayaking and a fun day in Key West. Use our Florida Keys itinerary to plan your trip.

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bicyclist riding next to a field of blue wildflowers with trees in the background

Texas Hill Country Road Trip to See the Bluebonnets

Are you considering a Texas Hill Country road trip? Spring is the best time to enjoy scenic routes, explore small towns, experience historic sites and admire bluebonnets in the heart of Texas. James Richardson shares his tips for the scenic drives to take and how to make the most of your road trip in Texas […]

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Explore the Florida Forgotten Coast in Gulf County

Are off-the-beaten-path destinations your preference? I certainly prefer them. If you are looking for a less crowded beach for putting your toes in the sand, perhaps the Florida Forgotten Coast in Gulf County is the answer. My Itchy Travel Feet featured writer, Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently traveled to Gulf County. Keep reading for plenty of […]

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North Georgia Mountains Fall Trip Itinerary

Are you looking for a North Georgia Mountains fall trip itinerary that includes charming towns, waterfalls and lots of fall color? Growing up in Georgia, I loved family trips to the North Georgia Mountains in the fall. But it’s been years since I enjoyed this scenic travel experience. Thankfully, James Richardson is an enthusiastic fan […]

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Explore the South on a Southern Musical Road Trip

Here’s a Southern musical road trip to satisfy any boomer road tripper who loves music. Kathleen Walls (American Roads and Global Highways) introduces an itinerary for a musical road trip in the South that celebrates the history and unique sounds of Southern music. Southern Musical Road Trip itinerary Music in the America South evolved and […]

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hawk in a tree

Birding South Texas on a Rio Grande Valley Road Trip

Did you know that the birding in South Texas is world class? For avid birdwatchers, stopping to go birding in the Rio Grande Valley is a wonderful addition to your Texas road trip itinerary. James Richardson is here with the best places to go for birding in South Texas. What a unique U.S. road trip! […]

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Exploring Florida’s Big Bend Scenic Byway on a Road Trip

Are you planning a trip to Florida? From historic St. Augustine to the funky Florida Keys, there’s a travel experience for every interest. But For boomers who enjoy a scenic drive, be sure to add a Big Bend Scenic Byway road trip to your Florida road trip itinerary. When you’ve had enough of beaches, enjoying […]

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Enjoy a North Central Florida Road Trip to Small Towns, Springs and Preserves

Have you considered a North Central Florida road trip? Once you’ve explored Florida’s Space Coast and experienced historic St. Augustine, it’s time for a more off-the-beaten-path experience in the Sunshine State. Guest contributor, Cheryl Rodewig, shares the small town vibe, delicious eats and fun things to do in North Central Florida. Save this itinerary for […]

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horse drawn carriage

Lowcountry Road Trip From Savannah to Charelston and beyond

Is a scenic drive from Savannah to Charleston calling your name? As boomers retire to the South Carolina and Georgia coast, this charming region of the South is attracting more attention. Although it may not receive the same amount of recognition as say, the California coast, for example, the southeast coastal area of the United […]

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person in a green kayak inn the water

North Carolina Coast Road Trip: Visit Onslow County

Are you looking for North Carolina coast road trip ideas? In Onslow County, the wide expanse of sandy beaches, marshy estuaries and unpopulated barrier islands make for an appealing boomer travel adventure. Featured contributor, Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, recently explored this area of the North Carolina coast for My Itchy Travel Feet. On a trip […]

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Old country store with rocking chairs on the front porch

Southwest Virginia Road Trip: Abingdon & the Crooked Road

Are you a boomer traveler who can’t get enough of U.S. road trips? You’re in luck. My Itchy Travel Feet featured writer, Debi Lander of ByLanderSea, introduces us to a road trip itinerary that’s perfect for touring Southwest Virginia. You’ll be amazed at the many things to do in Southwest Virginia! ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ […]

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bridge over a wide river with an orange sunset

Great River Road Trip Planner: Six Highlights to Consider

Are you looking for a Great River Road planner? This iconic American road trip can be driven in one fell swoop, or divided into multiple road trips to stretch out your travel pleasure. Thanks to Betsy Wuebker, from Passing Thru, our readers have a Great River Road trip itinerary that helps begin sorting out the […]

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an assortment of vegetable side dishes on a dining room table lazy susan

Itinerary for a Mississippi Delta Culinary Road Trip

This Mississippi Delta culinary road trip combines southern cuisine with Mississippi history for a delicious boomer travel adventure. Learn about (and taste) Mississippi Delta food including the rice in Greenwood, Yazoo City catfish, Vicksburg’s southern delicacies, and tamales in Greenwod plus the best steak you’ve ever eaten. The history is as varied as the food […]

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bridge across the Gulf of Mexico at Bay St Louis, Mississippi

The Ultimate Mississippi Gulf Coast Road Trip 3-Day Itinerary

Are you looking for a Mississippi Gulf Coast road trip itinerary? You know how baby boomer travelers feel about road trips, especially if beaches and southern cuisine are involved. Teresa Otto shares her experience traveling along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, also known as the Secret Coast, on a three-day road trip. Get ready for beautiful […]

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Best Things to Do on a Southwest Arkansas Road Trip

A Southwest Arkansas road trip may not be at the top of your U.S. road trip list. That’s a mistake! And James Richardson has driven it so that we can share first-person experiences with you. If you enjoy getting off-the-beaten-path, exploring history and enjoying beautiful natural landscapes, follow James Richardson’s tips for the best things […]

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Champagne's Swamp Tour

Exploring Cajun Country on a Southern Louisiana Trip

Have you thought about a road trip to Cajun Country in Southern Louisiana? It’s an interesting addition to a New Orleans visit, especially for active boomer travelers who enjoy the outdoors. Guest writer, Suzan L. Jackson from Book by Book, takes us on an off-the-beaten-path trip through Southern Louisiana’s Acadiana region. Prepare to enjoy a […]

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a tree line walkway leading to a large home with columns

Louisiana Plantation Tours on a Boomer Road Trip in the South

From Virginia to Louisiana and beyond, there is plenty to explore in the southern United States. But, if you’re looking to get into the fascinating and often heartbreaking history of the South, a boomer road trip through Plantation Country is a good way to go. Regular contributor Debi Lander, from ByLanderSea, is here to share […]

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Cadillac Ranch

Southwestern road trip stop: the wild sights of Amarillo, Texas

Are you looking for fun things to do in Amarillo, Texas? The city makes an interesting Southwestern road trip stop that’s worth your time. When a conference took travel writers Debi Lander and Judy Wells to South Dakota, they decided to make the most out of it and explore the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. They […]

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Visit Beaumont-Port Arthur on a Texas Road Trip

In our opinion, the American Southwest is best experienced on a road trip. If your Southwest itinerary happens to travel across Texas, don’t miss Beaumont-Port Arthur. With so many things to see and do, Kathleen Walls from Global Highways and Byways helps you sort it all out with her tips on how to visit Beaumont-Port […]

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DeSoto Falls and Dam

Exploring Northeast Alabama on a Boomer Road Trip

Although Alabama may not be at the top of many travel bucket lists, like the South in general, there are many things to do and see in  the Heart of Dixie. Vera Marie Badertscher from A Traveler’s Library shares her experience exploring this little-known area on a northeast Alabama itinerary for boomer roadtrippers. She calls […]

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St. Simons sandbar island

Take a Harley Road Trip to Georgia’s Golden Isles

Updated 06.01.2019: Although we love any form of travel, we’re always on the lookout for a great boomer road trip adventure. And we know that some of you are motorcycle enthusiasts. Today, guest contributor, Diane White, takes us on a Harley road trip to Georgia’s Golden Isles. Jim, Me, and Harley makes three: riding to […]

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Outer Banks Travel

Harley Adventures through North Carolina’s Gorgeous Outer Banks

Are you ready for another amazing boomer road trip adventure? Well, get your Harley helmet ready because Diane White is back with the latest addition to our ongoing boomers-on-bikes series. This time, Diane is taking us to one of the country’s most beautiful, yet relatively under-the-radar locations: North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The drive travels from […]

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Midwest Road Trips

Don’t over look traveling in the Midwest. Flyover country includes some wonderful driving experiences like visiting the Badlands of South Dakota.

Best Things to Do in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on your travel radar? It’s a lovely region of the United States filled with active travel adventures. James Richardson is an enthusiastic fan of the area. He shares his best things to do in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula so that you can add them to your road trip. Unless you […]

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The 8 Best Places to Go on a Kansas Vacation

Will a Kansas vacation be part of your US road trip plans? There’s much more to see and do than most travelers realize, including some unique places to visit. My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor, Debi Lander (ByLanderSea), traveled on a trip to the Sunflower State. She’s here to share her tips for the 8 […]

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arched cliffs in the sea

Exploring Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on a Trip to Michigan

 As you already know, we jump at any chance to have a National Park adventure. But, as beautiful as they are, we also love to find scenic places that don’t necessarily attract hundreds of thousands of people. In addition to 63 National Parks, did you know there are actually 423 sites in the park system? […]

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Old West South Dakota: Custer State Park and the Badlands

Are you planning a South Dakota road trip? Don’t leave Custer State Park and the Badlands out of your itinerary. You’ll be rewarded with abundant wildlife sightings, an intriguing landscape plus plenty of Wild West history. Vickie Lillo writes about her South Dakota itinerary that included Custer State Park, the Black Hills and Badlands National […]

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Door County, Wisconsin

Unexpected Boomer Adventures in Door County, Wisconsin

Are you looking for incredible, but off-the-beaten-path travel ideas? Well, we’ve got a destination that may be a bit of a surprise for you: Door County, Wisconsin. Maybe there’s not an abundance of travel articles highlighting this beautiful area of Wisconsin, but there should be! My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, […]

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Fun Things to Do in Central Missouri for Boomer Travelers

Are you looking for a new U.S. road trip destination? Something that’s a little off-the-beaten-path like the southwest Arkansas road trip itinerary that we recently published? You are in luck! Guest writer, Lisa Evans (Writing is a Journey), ventured into flyover country in the Midwest. In the process she discovered plenty of fun things to […]

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Mount Rushmore Travel

Riding South Dakota’s Badlands on a Motorcycle Road Trip

Are your travel feet itching for a boomer road trip, but can’t make up your mind about the destination? What about riding South Dakot’s Badlands? Get your motor running because Diane White is back with the latest addition to our ongoing boomers-on-bikes series. Previously, Diane has taken us on motorcycle road trips to Georgia’s Golden […]

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Northeast Road Trips

Road trips in the northeast U.S. offer the opportunity for fall foliage drives or scenic coastal adventures.

Olive green early American House surrounded by trees and grass

Meet Early American History on a Massachusetts Road Trip

By Susmita Sengupta Are you looking for a Massachusetts road trip steeped in history? While we encourage you to include hikes on your boomer road trips, exploring history adds a deeper dimension to your trip. The Boston, Massachusetts area abounds with historical sites. Guest contributor, Susmita Sengupta, takes us on an early American history tour […]

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cannon with the sun setting behind it

Southern Pennsylvania Road Trip: How to explore Gettysburg and Amish Country

Boomers love their road trips! Alan and I certainly do. But we haven’t experienced a southern Pennsylvania road trip. Shame on us because we’ve missed out on some important U.S. history as well as lovely scenery. Lucky for us, Susmita Sengupta is here to inspire a road trip to Gettysburg, PA and Amish Country. Use […]

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goats grazing in front of a barn surrounded by mountains

Exploring Hildene, Vermont on a New England Road Trip

Add exploring Hildene mansion and farm to your New England road trip. Vermont has long been known as a charming area to visit, and it is a very popular tourist destination on the East Coast. With stunning scenery and a seemingly infinite number of charming towns, the Green Mountain State is definitely a welcoming oasis […]

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lighthouse on rocky coast

Exploring Portland, Maine on a Boomer Road Trip

Do you need travel tips for exploring Portland, Maine? With its expansive rocky coastline, charming seaside towns, and of course, the state’s most popular delicacy, the lobsta’, Maine has an almost mystical status. Exploring this picturesque state on a boomer road trip is a great way to see Maine’s charming seaside towns, but when it […]

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Nay Aug Park

Roadtripping through the Delaware Valley on a Boomer Getaway

If road tripping through the Delaware Valley isn’t on your boomer travel list, it definitely should be. Today, Cheryl Rodewig is here to tell us all about the beautiful things you can see and fun things do while exploring this vibrant east coast destination that travels through Pennsylvania and Delaware. The Delaware Valley is a […]

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Motocycle Road Trip

Motorcycle Leaf Peeping in the Gorgeous Adirondacks

Are you ready for a fall road trip? It’s a great time to rev up your motorcycle for a fun Vermont leaf-peeping adventure. There’s no better place to see fall foliage than in the Northeastern U.S. Guest writer and motorcycle enthusiast, Laura Knight from Motor Manner, shares a detailed itinerary for a fall motorcycle leaf […]

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