Norway Cruise Excursions

Norway cruise excursions offer a scenic, historic look at a beautiful country filled with adventure opportunities. Of course you’ll find plenty of active boomer travel ideas, too.

Whether you’re taking a fjord cruise in Norway or exploring the far north in Svalbard, active boomers will find lots of fun things to do. Read our first-hand accounts to choose the right adventure for you.

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Colorful Bergen, Norway

Spend an active day in Bergen, Norway

On cruises, Alan and I like to get moving when the ship is in port. That’s how we found ourselves enjoying an active day in Bergen during a Norwegian fjords cruise with Regent Seven Seas. After arriving at Norway’s second largest city (284,000 population), we walked the charming streets, then boarded a funicular to hike […]

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herdal farm norway

Discover Fjords, Waterfalls and Goat Farms on a Cruise in Norway

Do you dream of taking a cruise in Norway, especially if it includes the fjords? This baby boomer did. Then, Alan and I traveled on a 15-day Regent cruise on the Seven Seas Voyager through the land of the midnight sun and my dream came true. During our cruise in Norway, we visited the cosmopolitan cities […]

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Plateau Mountain hike in Longyearbyen

Hiking Plateau Mountain

What’s it like to hike above the Arctic Circle in Norway? The landscape is stark, the trees grow about 5 inches high, dramatic photography opportunities are everywhere and the ground is surprisingly spongy. Oh, and you have to watch out for polar bears. No, I’m not a backcountry-hardened expeditioner on a frozen adventure. I’m just […]

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Flam, Norway

Riding the rails in Norway on a cruise excursion gone wrong

Baby boomers, don’t you hate it when something goes wrong during your travels? When Alan and I signed up for a “ride the Flam Railway” excursion on our Regent cruise through Norway, we expected spectacular scenery filled with sunshine, wildflowers and waterfalls. What we got was clouds, rain and a never-ending excursion. Since Regent doesn’t […]

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Hiking 14th July Glacier on a Silversea Arctic cruise

Facing My Travel Fears on 14th July Glacier

Do you ever push personal limits during a trip? It’s exhilarating, not to mention being good for our boomer brains, to try something new or to ratchet up the level of a favorite activity. That’s what happened to me when I hiked 14th July Glacier on a Silversea cruise excursion. Facing my travel fears During a Silver […]

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Walrus watching on an Arctic expedition cruise

Walrus Watching in the Arctic on Silver Explorer

Would you like to go walrus watching in the Arctic? It’s not an easy task. First, you need to travel on an Arctic expedition cruise to the Atlantic or Pacific. And then keep your fingers crossed that the expedition staff will make a sighting of a walrus on the ice or spot a herd hauled […]

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