Spend an active day in Bergen, Norway

Updated 07.04.2016

Bergen's colorful wharf area marks the beginning of an active day in Bergen.

Bergen’s colorful wharf area

On cruises, Alan and I like to get moving when the ship is in port. That’s how we found ourselves enjoying an active day in Bergen during a Norwegian fjords cruise. We walked the streets of this charming city, then boarded a funicular to hike the trails of Mt. Floyen. A port of call on our Regent Seven Seas cruise, Bergen proved to be scenic, historic and brimming with activities to satisfy even the most active traveler.

We booked our cruise excursion, The Mt. Floyen Hiking Tour, before leaving home using Regent’s online service. In Bergen, a guide met our group near the gangway of the ship. From there, she led us through the colorful streets of Bryggen, an historic wharf area, as she described the city’s involvement with the Hanseatic League.

A view of Bergen, Norway, on an active cruise excursion

Misty view of Bergen from the top of Mt. Floyen

After a funicular ride, we reached the beginning of our hike on Mt. Floyen. A wide trail wound gently up the mountain. Although the misty day hampered what would have been a spectacular view, the opportunity to experience Norwegian nature was worth it. Again, our guide kept us entertained during this active day in Bergen with talks about the city’s culture and history, pointing out WWII bunkers that are now used as huts for sporting clubs. Many of the paths are lit for nighttime walks and cross-country skiing during the winter.

Skomakerdiket Lake on Mount Floyen was part of our active day in Bergen, Norway.

Skomakerdiket Lake on Mount Floyen

This excursion lasted about four hours, was well-planned and satisfied our need to be active. More importantly, it did what a cruise excursion is meant to do—whet our appetites for more. We’d love to return and explore the area on our own.

Are you an independent traveler? This is an easy itinerary to follow on your own, although you’ll miss out on the depth of experience that a knowledgeable guide provides.

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