Finding Paradise on Moloka’i

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Close your eyes. Now picture traveling to your perfect paradise.

What do you see? Alan has always claimed that a secluded cabin somewhere in the Montana mountains would be his ideal escape. His romantic getaway envisions the two of us sitting on a deck, drinking a morning cup of coffee as we watch the wildlife that comes to our clearing in the woods.

The view from Hilltop Cottage on Molokai
Our view of paradise on Moloka’i

Not anymore. Since visiting the Hawaiian Island of Moloka’i, Alan has a new picture of paradise in his mind’s eye. It still involves drinking morning coffee on a deck, but this one is attached to Hilltop Cottage with views of Maui and Lana’i sitting in an ocean that mesmerizes with a kaleidoscope of ever-changing blues and greens.

Kawailli Beach on Molokai
The beach at Halawa Valley

Moloka’i claims to be the most Hawaiian of all the islands. It’s a treasure for those baby boomer travelers looking for off the beaten path experiences. Adventures range from hiking with a guide in the Halawa Valley with its thundering waterfalls to riding a mule down the cliffs at Kalaupapa, where Father Damien ministered to leprosy victims. Beaches are scattered along the southern and western edges of the island, while a large reef system offers snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

Don’t expect to find luxury resorts on Moloka’i. With the exception of Hotel Moloka’i, accommodations include condo and cottage rentals plus a few bed and breakfasts. Alan and I were very happy with our rental. The large, one bedroom cottage contained everything we needed, including a washer and dryer. But the deck, with those gorgeous views, was where we spent most of our time.

The sands are golden colored and empty of tourists at Papohaku Beach on Moloka'i
Golden Sand at Papohaku Beach

If you’re looking for touristy activities, Moloka’i will disappoint you. This is the real Hawaii. At Murphy’s Beach, you might see a local spear fishing for his dinner or outrigger canoes racing in the late afternoon. Poke around the shops in the island’s main town, Kaunakakai, where customers line up at night for the sweet hot bread at Kanemitsu’s Bakery. Go exploring on the narrow, winding road to Halawa, which rivals the drive to Hana on Maui, in our opinion.

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