wide golden-sand beach with blue sky and clouds

Norfolk Coastal Path Walk: Active Travel for Boomers in the UK

The Norfolk Coastal Path walk is a fun active travel adventure for  boomers traveling in the UK. The trail, a 3-hour drive from London, hugs the coastline along the North Sea.  Sue King from Nomadic KU, shares her experience and tips for this beautiful walk. The Norfolk Coastal Path is an 83-mile trail which encompasses […]

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Herbridean Princess ship on a luxury cruise in Scotland.

Going off-the-beaten-path on a Luxury Cruise in Scotland

Hebridean Island Cruises is sponsoring this look at luxury cruising in Scotland. Are you dreaming of a trip to explore off-the-beaten-path Scotland? If you’ve visited Edinburgh to see the military tattoo or explored Glasgow’s art galleries and museums, it’s time for a more unique way of seeing the Scottish countryside—on a luxury cruise. Exploring Scotland […]

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red double decker bus on uk street

London Experiences for Baby Boomers

From exploring Scotland’s rolling green landscape to visiting Ireland’s Giants Causeway, we’ve covered a lot of incredible UK destinations. But…today, we’re going straight to its heart, London. Although many people shun large cities for less crowded destinations, everyone should experience London at least once. And if you can do it on a family trip, even […]

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a walkway of rocks on the coast

Visiting Ireland’s Giants Causeway

As the first place I visited outside the US when I was younger, Ireland has always has a special place in my heart. From its vibrant cities to its massively expansive countrysides that look like they’ve been built for a movie set, this European country is truly awe-inspiring. Today, Guest contributor, Lorna Real, is here […]

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ruins of old cathedral surrounded by green grass

Road Tripping through Scotland on a Highlands Tour

Driving the open roads is by far one of our most favorite ways to explore any destination—especially one as stunning as Scotland. Remember our article about exploring castles on a Scotland roadtrip? Guest contributor Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85 has already taken us to beautiful Stirling, but now she’s here to take us on a Scotland […]

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View of Stirling, Scotland

Things to do in Stirling, Scotland

Planning a trip to Scotland? Well, if you’re looking for some active travel options, you’ll find them in beautiful Stirling. Located in central Scotland, this area is an extremely picturesque region with various hiking trails that guarantee amazing views of the landscape. Guest contributor, Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85, is here to share with us some […]

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Cairngorms Reindeer

Trekking to Meet Scotland’s Wild Reindeer on a Cairngorm Reindeer Adventure

If your snow boots are itching for an adventure, Scotland’s Cairngorm Mountains are a great bet this time of year—especially for animal lovers. If you like the idea of trekking to off-the-beaten-path destinations to see wildlife in their natural habitat, guest contributor, Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85, is here to tell us all about traveling to […]

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Orkney Island

Day Trip to the Orkney Islands

Is a day trip to the Orkney Islands on your to do list? I’m attracted to the off-the-beaten-path travel destination, although I’ve yet to visit. My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, recently explored Scotland. She’s here to share her experience on an Orkney Islands day trip. Slow travel allows for unplanned […]

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Shanklin Old Town

Multi-generational Travel on the Isle of Wight

Solo travel is near and dear to our hearts, but sometimes a big, loud, stressful family vacation is well worth it, especially when visiting an amazing destination like the Isle of Wight. Francesca Baker from And So She Thinks, is here to tell us all about her recent explorations of this unique UK destination with […]

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