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Norfolk Coastal Path Walk: Active Travel for Boomers in the UK

The Norfolk Coastal Path walk is a fun active travel adventure for  boomers traveling in the UK. The trail, a 3-hour drive from London, hugs the coastline along the North Sea.  Sue King from Nomadic KU, shares her experience and tips for this beautiful walk. The Norfolk Coastal Path is an 83-mile trail which encompasses […]

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London Experiences for Baby Boomers

From exploring Scotland’s rolling green landscape to visiting Ireland’s Giants Causeway, we’ve covered a lot of incredible UK destinations. But…today, we’re going straight to its heart, London. Although many people shun large cities for less crowded destinations, everyone should experience London at least once. And if you can do it on a family trip, even […]

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a walkway of rocks on the coast

Visiting Ireland’s Giants Causeway

As the first place I visited outside the US when I was younger, Ireland has always has a special place in my heart. From its vibrant cities to its massively expansive countrysides that look like they’ve been built for a movie set, this European country is truly awe-inspiring. Today, Guest contributor, Lorna Real, is here […]

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Shanklin Old Town

Multi-generational Travel on the Isle of Wight

Solo travel is near and dear to our hearts, but sometimes a big, loud, stressful family vacation is well worth it, especially when visiting an amazing destination like the Isle of Wight. Francesca Baker from And So She Thinks, is here to tell us all about her recent explorations of this unique UK destination with […]

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Alnwick Castle

Exploring Noble and Noteworthy Northumberland

If a visit to Northumberland isn’t on your boomer bucket list, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, will show you why it should be. Debi takes us on a unique English adventure to Northumberland, a wondrous place filled with scenic landscapes, majestic castles, and ornate gardens. Oh, and she even met a real life Lord of the […]

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Barbara Anderson_Letters from the Way

A Solo Walker’s Right to Roam in Britain

Active travel opportunities abound all over the world, but long-distance walking is quickly becoming a popular way of travel for a lot of boomers. Blame it on Spain’s much romanticized “El Camino” or the recent blockbuster detailing the everyday trials and tribulations that come with this slow means of travel, either way, a walker’s perspective is […]

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Walking adventure at Hadrian's wall

Long Distance Walks in the UK

Looking to visit the UK this summer? With such a busy tourist season in most UK cities, (especially London at this time of year) it’s always a good idea to get out of the tourist-filled cities and look for some off-the-beaten-path adventures. Thankfully, Katie from Sykes Cottages (sponsored article) is here to give us active boomer […]

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How to plan a day trip to Cambridge for the active boomer traveler

Updated 05.11.2019:  Is a day trip to Cambridge from London on your boomer bucket list? Our advice on how to visit shares the best Cambridge travel tips for where to go and what to do in this historic university town. Sometimes we only have one day to explore on a boomer travel adventure. Here’s how […]

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A boomer mom visits London with her grownup son

Do you have college aged children? Have you thought about including them on a boomer trip to London,? Today, Kristen Drake of 50 Plus Boomer Life, tells us how to visit London with your grownup child. This Easter, I ventured on an exciting trip with my grown up son, Gabriel. He’s 22 years old and […]

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