Visiting Italy’s Heel on a Southern Italy Road Trip

Southern Italy Road Trip Adventure

Updated 05.20.2019:  Italy is a favorite destination for boomer travelers, including us. A few years ago, we enjoyed a guided road trip in Northern Italy. And then Italy called our names again. This time—a southern Italy road trip.

The trip’s focus was a journey down the country’s Adriatic coastline all the way to the heel of Italy’s boot. On this off-the-beaten-path road trip in Southern Italy, we discovered charming villages, delicious food and friendly Italians. We’d go again in a heartbeat. Below you’ll find articles describing our Italy itinerary.

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Southern Italy Itinerary

Even though we’ve traveled to Italy many times, this Southern Italy itinerary introduced us to a truly authentic Italian experience. We fell in love with the Adriatic Coast as well as Italy’s “boot” region. It’s definitely one of those do again and again trips. To read a detailed description of our 12-day itinerary in Italy that started in Rome and ended when we boarded a cruise ship in Civitavecchia, click on: Italy Itinerary.

Stopping in Subiaco

There’s something special about walking down cobblestone streets, as a resident peeks at you from behind a lace-curtained window. Your footsteps echo against ochre-colored buildings that have stood the test of time. Discover one of our most memorable experiences of the Southern Italy road trip as we share what to see and do on a Subiaco walking tour. And, yes, we rewarded ourselves with a tasty Italian lunch.

Staying in an Italian Wash House

On our first night of this road trip in southern Italy, we stayed at Il Lavatoio in the charming mountain town of Castel di Sangro near Abruzzo National Park. No, this is not in southern Italy. But every road trip must have a beginning. Ours started in Rome and made its way to the south stopping at off-the-beaten-path Italian towns and villages along the way. We’re so glad that Il Lavatoio was part of the fun. Read about our historic lodging by clicking on: Staying in an Italian Wash House.

Visit the Tremiti Islands

After arriving on Italy’s Adriatic Coast, we took a few days to explore in the Rodi Garganico region. Deciding that it was time for an off-the-beaten-path island adventure, we flew by helicopter to explore the history and remoteness of the Tremiti Islands. Exploring Santa Maria a Mare on San Nicola, followed by an Italian seafood lunch was part of the boomer fun. Read about our adventure by clicking on: Visit the Tremiti Islands.

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Walking With History in Trani

Arriving in Trani, a historic seaport town in Italy’s Puglia region, we were enchanted with the narrow, winding streets of the Old Jewish Quarter. Each morning, we’d start out from Palazzo Pachiotti for a day of boomer travel fun. Nights were spent dining in seaside cafes, as we watched the locals promenade by the sea. Click on Walking With History in Trani to read more about our experience.

Walking With History in Matera, Italy

History seems to be around every corner in Italy. But when we arrived in Matera, we hit the motherlode. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sassi settlements perched in two ravines offered uncrowded explorations of a fascinating history dating back to pre-historic times. Exploring by foot is the only way to truly experience this special Italian destination. Click on: Walking With History in Matera, Italy to read more about our experience.

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Week One: Scenes of a Southern Italy road trip

Our first week exploring Southern Italy tooks us through a whirlwind of beautiful classic Italian villages, followed by a helicopter ride to the Tremini Islands where we explored a Benedictine Abbey dating from the year 1,000. Click on: Week One: Scenes of Southern Italy to see a trip to Southern Italy through our camera lens.

Scenes From the Road: Southern Italy Week 2

After our first week exploring Southern Italy, we didn’t think our trip could get any better. Boy, were we wrong! Click on: Scenes From the Road: Southern Italy Week 2 to see more about our road trip to Italy’s southern region.

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