Walking the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, B.C.

On a Vancouver Island road trip, walking the Wild Pacific Trail offers visitors to Ucluelet, the opportunity to get out of the car for an exercise break. But don’t move so fast that you fail to appreciate the dramatic ocean views and serene forest setting. Alan and I attended a Porsche Club event at Black […]

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Mountain lake with rocky mountain in the background

Hidden Lake Overlook Trail: Hiking in Glacier National Park

When I hiked the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, I immediately understood why it’s a must for Glacier National Park visitors. In a dramatic, open setting that can be windy, hikers are surrounded by alpine wildflower gardens, fragile tundra and the sculpted peaks of Montana‘s Northern Rockies. No wonder it’s one of the most popular hiking […]

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9 Easy Hikes in the Smoky Mountains

If you’re looking for personal experience reports on easy hikes in the Smoky Mountains, you’ve come to the right place. Like many boomers. Alan and I like to include hikes in our national park trips. We know that you do, too. While it’s important to challenge ourselves on moderately strenuous trails, sometimes all we want […]

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stairs leading up to large rock with american flag

The BEST Tips for Hiking in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Recently, guest contributor, Cheryl Rodewig, took us on a lovely Autumn Escape to Hendersonville, North Carolina. Now she’s back to reveal some of her tried and true tips for hiking in Hendersonville. The Blue Ridge Mountains fringe the western edge of North Carolina. They’re filled with dozens of waterfalls, hundreds of miles of trails and […]

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rocky beach side view

Boomer Hiking in Brittany, France

Have you thought about including hiking in Brittany on your trip to France? As we’ve said many times before, hiking is a wonderful way to really see the best off-the-beaten-path places in a new destination, and you don’t need much to do a quick hike to take in the scenic views. A girl after our […]

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Family standing in front of boiling mud holes

Hiking Nicaragua’s Telica Volcano

Family travel can be tough, especially when it involves multiple generations. However,  if you throw in an amazing destination, active travel and the threat of perishing in an active volcano, well, it will always be a memorable vacation if nothing else. For instance, our guest contributor, Vickie Lillo recently took her family on an adventure […]

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woman wearing a backpack in front of a lake with mountains behind

Day Hiking Essentials: What to Wear and Bring on a Short Hike

Are you including day hikes in your next road trip, national park adventure, or cruise excursion? If so, you’re going to need my tips for day hiking essentials. I’m a boomer traveler who still enjoys hiking. Alan, too. We’re convinced that getting out on the trail is one of the best ways to experience a […]

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Oxbow Bend Grand Teton

The Best Fall National Park Hikes for Boomer Travelers

In my opinion, engaging with nature on fall national park hikes is simply the best. The weather is brisk, but not cold enough to need winter gear. Plus animals are scurrying around preparing for winter, which results in excellent wildlife viewing. When Alan and I plan a national park visit, we skip the summer months […]

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Tennessee Hiking Spots

Baby Boomer Hiking Adventures in Tennessee

Are you looking for hiking adventures in Tennessee? The crisp days of September and October are a great time to hit the trails on a boomer hike, especially in the areas that are not trampled by fall-foliage-seeking tourists. Tennessee, for example, is often overlooked by tourists in general. In addition to being home to vibrant […]

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