Feeding a butterfly at Greathouse Butterfly Farmn Earlton, Florida

Enjoy a Butterfly Rainforest in Gainesville, Florida

    Butterfly heaven—that’s the image that comes to mind when I remember my visit to the Butterfly Rainforest at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, Florida. I couldn’t help but smile as they floated around me. No wonder the local children’s hospital brings young cancer patients here to de-stress from the rigors of cancer treatment. […]

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Saturday’s scene: Christmas in Rio

On a visit to the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, we discovered this father and son contemplating the nativity scene. The little boy is obviously impatient for Christmas to arrive. Are you? Merry and Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our baby boomer readers. May your holiday season be filled with […]

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Arches National Park

Saturday’s scene: Sunrise on Park Avenue

Is this really a photograph of Park Avenue? Where is the hustle bustle of shoppers crowding the busy streets? You won’t find any. That’s because this photograph wasn’t taken in New York City; it’s from Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. On a sunrise photo shoot workshop with exposure36 Photography, I peeked through the trees […]

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Saturday’s scene: Shopping For Pearls In Shanghai

On this busiest shopping weekend of the year, I’m reminded of the friends I made while shopping for pearls in Shangahi, China, last November. During a Regent cruise from Vancouver to Singapore, the ship stopped overnight in Shanghai. I got to know the store clerks at Ruepeipei Pearls and Jewelry quite well. Sometimes, shopping is […]

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ape in gibraltar

Saturday’s scene: The Eyes of Gibraltar

On a Seabourn Sojourn cruise excursion in Gibraltar, Alan photographed one of the 300 apes that roam the top of the big rock. This fearsome fellow entertained the crowd with his steely stare. We were warned to keep all food inside the building. One woman didn’t listen and the ape went for her purse. She […]

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Muriwai gannet colony

Saturday’s scene: Black Sand Beauty

Our baby boomer readers might guess that this photo was taken on the California coast or maybe Oregon. Fooled ya. Donna captured this coastal scene while at the Muriwai Gannet Colony an hour from Auckland, New Zealand.

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Arizona Slot Canyons

Saturday’s scene: Lower Antelope Canyon

Although Lower Antelope Canyon is completely underground, when sunlight seeps in through overhead cracks, the walls seem to glow. Alan and I were introduced to Arizona’s slot canyons on a photography workshop in Northern Arizona. Using Page as a headquarters, we explored and photographed Water Holes, Lower Antelope and Upper Antelope Canyons.   Have you […]

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Saturday’s scene: Horseshoe Bend

Photographers need to lean over the edge to capture the full circle of water at Horshoe Bend near Page, Arizona. As you can see, I didn’t lean out far enough. It was still scary.  

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