A Baby Boomer 4th of July

Baby boomers, how will you celebrate the 4th of July? Since Alan and I will be staying at home on Independence Day, I thought I’d satisfy my itchy travel feet by taking a look at the festivities in some of our favorite destinations, just in case you would like to go somewhere on the 4th. […]

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Recovering Financially From a Cruise Gone Wrong

Baby boomer cruisers, what would you do if your cruise went wrong? That’s what travelers on Regent Seven Sea’s Voyager ship are facing today. The World Cruise journey will end early in Rome after the ship’s pods were damaged by fishing nets, forcing the cruise line to schedule an emergency dry dock for the crippled […]

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Call your credit card company before you travel

Baby boomers, do you call your credit card provider to alert them before leaving on a trip? Well, here’s why you should: When Alan and I traveled to South Africa last year, Alan called VISA and American Express to alert them that we would be using the cards during our trip. The VISA representative took […]

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Stay at Sunglow Ranch to explore Southeastern Arizona

Walks through a stone forest, views of the Milky Way smeared across the dark night sky, history’s ghost whispering through the ruins of an old fort, birdsong drifting through the trees…this is southeastern Arizona. Lodging and restaurants are scarce in the isolated region, making Sunglow Ranch a rare find for baby boomer travelers. On the […]

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