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Hiking on Montana’s Stillwater Trail

Last week I wrote a post about why Alan and I traveled to the Stillwater River Valley in Montana. During our explorations, we discovered an excellent hiking trail system at the end of Forest Road 400 in Nye. With only a 500′ elevation gain in the first three miles to Sioux Charley Lake, it’s very […]

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Stillwater River near Nye, Montana

Searching for Paradise in Montana

Have you searched for paradise on your boomer travels? Did you find it? Alan and I went looking for paradise on a boomer road trip to Montana, because of a photo in a new car brochure. That’s right, a photo. It all started in 2005 with the purchase of a Jeep Rubicon. As Alan poured […]

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Hiking at Lake Como

A hike around Lake Como. If you’re a baby boomer traveler who’s in the know, you probably think I mean Lake Como in northern Italy. Are you laughing at my idea of hiking around one of Italy’s largest lakes? Fooled ya! I’m talking about hiking at Lake Como in Montana. When Alan and I traveled […]

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