New Book Tempts Baby Boomers With Adventures

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National-geographic-adventure-bookWouldn’t it be great if there was a travel adventure book for baby boomers? Well there is. In today’s guest post, Vera Marie Badertscher from A Traveler’s Library reviews Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean: A Guide to Fifty Extraordinary Adventures for the Seasoned Traveler.

Darn this book!  Now I have to go kayaking along the Southern coast of Crete, visiting ancient ruins and hiking canyons along the way.

Don Mankin and Shannon Stowall, have written a book for baby boomer adventure travelers that is both entertaining and informative. Riding the Hulahula to the Arctic Ocean, a new travel adventure book published by National Geographic press tells it all in the sub-title: A Guide to 50 Extraordinary Adventures for the Seasoned Traveler.

But maybe before Crete, I’ll follow the Viking trails in Greenland.

Riding the Hulahula presents first person narratives by various authors about 26 of the trips. They paint pictures of real life adventures and then provide practical advice about special issues and challenges. Baby boomers all define adventure travel slightly differently, and the authors helpfully suggest optional ways to experience a destination if you are not up to the most challenging activity.

Oh my goodness, perhaps I should start with a place closer to home. How about that river raft and hiking trip in Utah’s Dinosaur National Monument?

I particularly appreciated the emphasis on adventure as experience-based, not just activity-based. That is a point that has bugged me a lot since “adventure travel” has grabbed the spotlight in the tourism business. Whose travel adventure are we talking about? These authors, being over 50, appreciate that while some say 60 is the new 40, the fact is the baby boomer travelers faces different challenges than their backpacking sons and daughters.

Excuse the interruption, but I just noticed Laos on the list. My friends Claire and Bob Rogers recently went to the Plain of Jars and their stories made me want to go too.

The authors point out that “A lot of what passes for adventure travel these days is more appropriately described as ‘adventure sports.’ And they continue, “The natural environment and culture are often secondary, serving as a gymnasium of sorts for the increasingly exotic, ultra sports…”

If I may just mention another trip—Barbara Weibel at Hole in the Donut has been writing about Copper Canyon. Maybe the trip described here would be just the travel adventure for me.

The book is divided by continent and it is easy to just flip to the section you are most interested in. Just do not blame me if you cannot make up your mind which trip to take first.

In fact, that title trip, Following the Hulahula to the Arctic Circle, might just be doable. It is part river float and some walking in the far north of Alaska. Let me check that section of issues and challenges to see if that is the baby boomer adventure with my name on it.

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