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As avid cruisers, we love taking advantage of all that cruise travel has to offer: luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine, on-board activities and of course, exciting excursions at every port! August's featured articles highlight some of our favorite cruise advice and adventures.

Cruising Through the Panama Canal…again

panama canal passage

Updated: 08.01.2014 Some baby boomer travel experiences are worth repeating. That’s certainly true of a cruise through the Panama Canal. The journey may travel along the same watery path; but each time, boomers will discover new facets about The Big Ditch. On our first Panama Canal cruise, Alan and I sailed from east to west—beginning […]

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Four Hours in Cartagena

Donna Shopping at Las Bovedas in Cartagena.

Updated: 08.01.2014 Cartagena—how many boomer travelers have this South American city on their travel list? I admit that Alan and I had never considered visiting Cartagena, Colombia, until our Silver Cloud Panama Canal Cruise made a short stop here after transiting through the Canal. One of the benefits of cruising is learning about destinations that […]

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9 Reasons for Booking a Crossing

silveasea spirit cruise crossing

Updated: 08.01.2014 Cruise crossings—otherwise known as repositioning cruises—make an excellent adventure for baby boomer travelers. Alan and I have cruised on eight crossings, both in the Atlantic and Pacific. We especially enjoy a short road trip in Europe followed by riding a ship back to the U.S. However, if you ask Alan, he’ll tell you […]

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Surviving a Long Cruise

Long Cruise tips

Updated: 08.01.2014 Surviving a long cruise. Say what? The words “survive” and “cruise” don’t go together. But you’d be surprised at how frequently Alan and I are asked about how we survive our long cruises. After the 52-day cruise from Vancouver to Singapore last year, many of our baby boomer travel friends were curious about […]

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