My Itchy Travel Feet’s 12 Year Anniversary: Inspiring Boomer Travelers

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Happy twelve years to My Itchy Travel Feet! That’s right, Alan and I are celebrating our 12 year anniversary publishing stories to inspire baby boomer travel. Actually, it’s 14 years for me as My Itchy Travel Feet started out as a personal blog.

Whew! That’s a lot of traveling, travel planning, writing, photography and all the other tasks that go into publishing an award-winning online magazine for boomer travelers. And, I’ve loved every minute of it!

Boomer woman and man dressed for formal night on a cruise.
Still smiling after 12 years of travel blogging!

Online Magazine. Did you see get that part? Rather than a blog featuring our personal travels, My Itchy Travel Feet has morphed into an online magazine publishing articles from a variety of boomer travel writers (including us). One person can’t possible travel everywhere that our readers want to go. 

Currently, My Itchy Travel Feet operates with a regular contributor, Debi Lander, to augment the rest of the staff: editor (me) and photographer (Alan). Read more about us

In the last year, I’ve concentrated more on making videos to accompany the articles—you can find them all on YouTube. And we combined the monthly newsletter and weekly broadcast into a once-a-week email newsletter that’s published each Sunday morning. Subscribe here.

Twelve years of travel: where do you like to go?

As I usually do each year while celebrating this anniversary date, I check out My Itchy Travel Feet statistics to see which destinations and travel experiences have been the most popular with our boomer readers.

The research also shows me which topics you’d like to read more about. To date, we’ve published 1,066 articles that have attracted 3,144, 235 page views. Double whoa!

The article count is less than the number I quoted last year as I’ve been working on a huge project to update older articles plus delete those that don’t provide any value. When you arrive at an article on My Itchy Travel Feet, I want you to find updated information that’s correct and helpful for planning your next boomer adventure.

Where do you like to go? Take a look at the most popular articles from the last twelve years:


#1 Scenic drive in Monument Valley

#1 Monument Valley Scenic Drive

You guys really like Monument Valley. I mean you REALLY like this beautiful destination that borders Arizona and Utah. Our advice for taking the scenic drive in Monument Valley is the most popular article at My Itchy Travel Feet by a long shot. And we’re constantly monitoring it— correcting information, fixing invalid links, and updating resources to make your visit to this iconic destination in the American Southwest the best boomer adventure ever.

#2 Alaska Travel Planning Guide

#2 Alaska Travel Planning Guide

Our second most popular article is a page filled with Alaska travel planning advice. We can’t blame you. Alaska is one of our favorite active travel destinations, too. Active Alaska Travel Planning Guide includes links to all the articles that we’ve written about Alaska—both road trips and cruises, our Alaska Travel Planner, Alaska travel apps recommendations and more. 

#3 Five funky things to do in the Florida Keys

#3 Five Funky Things to Do in the Florida Keys

Five Funky Things to Do in the Florida Keys sits at #3. I had so much fun writing this article so follow my advice to create an unforgettable Florida Keys road trip. Who knew there were so many funky things to do?

#4 Boomer road trip in northern Italy

#4 Planning a road trip in Northern Italy

In 4th place, you like the information that we’ve published on planning a boomer road trip to Northern Italy. If My Itchy Travel Feet website traffic is any indication—and we think that it is—boomers LOVE traveling to Italy. Hopefully the country will recover from the virus soon so that you can use our articles to plan your next trip to Italy.

#5 Alaska Highway road trip

#5 Alaska Highway Road Trip

Combine a road trip with travel to Alaska and you have the perfect boomer travel experience. Our Alaska Highway road trip page comes in at #5 in the all-time most popular articles here at My Itchy Travel Feet. You’ll find tips for planning your trip plus the destinations that Alan and I experienced on our Alaska Highway adventure.

Most popular article from our 12th year online

packing tips for an Alaska cruise
Our most popular article from year 11.

And which article from year twelve is the most popular? My tips on what to pack for an Alaska cruise. Debi Lander’s article on Roadtripping Through Low Country comes in a close second. 

Celebrating a 12 year anniversary: What’s next for My Itchy Travel Feet?

What’s in store for year #13? I’m finishing up the touches on a new site design, which will hopefully be released in May. I can’t wait for you to see the colorful, energetic vibe with easy-to-navigate information.

I’m thinking about starting a Facebook group for boomer travelers. Would you be interested? Email to let me know if you think it’s a good idea. Should it be on general travel or concentrate on a specific type of travel like roadtripping?

Also, I’m still revising and updating over 1,000 articles that have been published since 2008. When you click on an article at My Itchy Travel Feet, I want you to find the best, most up-to-date information possible, as well as an entertaining story.

My Itchy Travel Feet will also be offering more choices when it comes to our newsletters. Soon, you’ll have the option to sign up for newsletters based on your travel interest: road trips, national parks, USA travel, international destinations, luxury cruises and cruise wear for women.  Of course the weekly broadcast still shares all the new articles of the week plus timely travel ideas. Subscribe here.

Travel planning tools for your next trip

It takes money to run a business like My Itchy Travel Feet. And we don’t scrimp when it comes to providing a quality experience for you.

Expenses such as site design, usability upgrades, newsletter infrastructure and paid guest writers add to the quality product we offer readers for free. When you plan trips using our favorite travel resources, the affiliate arrangement helps pay the bills. 

And when you make purchases from our partners or at the My Itchy Travel Feet Boomer Travel Gear shop, click Amazon affiliate links or purchase products such as New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure or Coloring the World’s Wildlife (our latest coloring book for grownups), you’re helping to keep My Itchy Travel Feet in business. Thank you so much.

Where are we headed next?

Like everyone else, due to current events, our travel schedule is up in the air. Once the world is open to travel again, Alan and I will start with exploring our Montana backyard and then move on to regional road trips. So look for articles on hiking and fun road trip itineraries. A potential sports car trip on the Beartooth Highway is scheduled for September. We’re saving international travel plans for 2021.

To keep you travel dreaming, look for upcoming guest articles on cruising the Nile, a British walking tour, exploring Prague, and a fun adventure for car enthusiasts in Germany. See, we’re still covering the world for you!

Boomer couple wearing helmets
Thank you for another great year at My Itchy Travel Feet!

We couldn’t do it without you

Our success is directly related to your support as readers, newsletter subscribers and social media followers. We can’t say thank you loud enough. You are the reason that we work this hard.

Do you enjoy the active boomer travel articles at My Itchy Travel Feet? Please tell your friends about us. And don’t hesitate to email us with questions about travel or suggestions on what you’d like to see at My Itchy Travel Feet.

Now let’s get on with the boomer travel fun. And…

Thank you for an amazing 12 years!

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