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Take a Photo Workshop to See Nature’s Beauty

Updated: 4.20.2016

Baby boomer photographers, have you considered a photography workshop vacation? If you’re a landscape enthusiast, workshops provide instruction while introducing you to choice photo locations (the right spot at the right time of day). Many workshops allow the spouse to come along for a minimal charge.

When Alan signed up for Jim Altengarten’s Northern Arizona workshop at exposure36 Photography, I was skeptical. Would I find enough to do while the students were taking photos? How would the group react to me tagging along? Did Jim have a problem with my presence in the class?

My worries were groundless. I attended morning shoots and afternoon shoots, traipsing to scenic areas that I might never have seen. Although I wasn’t involved in the instruction, Jim allowed me to bring a camera and practice on my own. I can’t believe how many photography tips I learned just by watching and listening. You can check out my photos here.


Sunrise in Arches National Park

So, what can you expect from a photography tour? First of all, you’re up early and out late so be prepared to lose a little sleep. You’ll be lucky to eat two meals a day, usually around 11 am, after the morning shoot, and then again, around 8 pm, after the evening session. In mid-day, you’ll review the photos that you’ve downloaded to your computer plus attend a critiquing session with Jim. If you’re lucky, there’ll be time to grab a quick nap.

We enjoyed our first workshop so much that last year, we took Jim’s session at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Moab, Utah¬†which you can read about at Donna’s trip blog.

Oh, the photos you see here. I took them.

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