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Saturday’s scene: off-the-beaten-path in Utah

Updated 03.01.2014

Valley of the Gods, Utah

Off-the-beaten-path in Valley of the Gods

Would you like to travel off-the-beaten-path in Utah? If you’ve hung around My Itchy Travel Feet for very long, you know that Alan and I enjoy nothing better than to take the road less traveled. That’s exactly what we found off of Highway 163 near Mexican Hat in southeastern Utah.

I bet you thought the photo posted here was from Monument Valley. Wrong. Alan took this shot on a drive through Valley of the Gods, just 30 miles north of its famous sister.

A 17-mile dirt road (FR 242) winds through red sandstone buttes and pinnacles in a smaller version of Monument Valley. You may see a car or two, but for the most part you’ll have Valley of the Gods to yourself. Since this is BLM land, the area is totally undeveloped. Camping is permitted although there are no facilities whatsoever.

It’s the kind of place where you want to park the car and go exploring. Or, drag out the beach chairs, books, something cold to drink and just be. Another option is to arrive at sunset to watch the sunlight’s reflection off the red rocks. One January, Alan and I attended the Bluff Balloon Festival, and enjoyed exploring a snowy Valley of the Gods. The frozen snow sparkled in the bright sunlight making for a fun photography session.

Although it’s fine to explore by foot (there are no marked trails), watch out for rattlesnakes in the underbrush when hiking in Valley of the Gods during warm weather.

Where do you stay on an off-the-beaten-path Utah adventure like this one? Valley of the Gods Bed and Breakfast is located near the western end of FR 232. It’s an experience that’s all about living green in off-the-grid accommodations. You don’t want to miss it. Another option is Desert Rose Inn & Cabins in Bluff, Utah. Alan and I have enjoyed both lodging choices and recommend either one of them.

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