Scenes From the Road: Alaska Highway Week Two

The second week of our Alaska Highway adventure takes us on a side trip from the Cassiar Highway to Stewart, British Columbia, at the head of the Portland Canal, which is actually a very long fjord. Along the way, glaciers slip over the mountains of the coastal range, their icy tongues sometimes reaching close to the road as is the case with Bear Glacier.

Bear Glacier near Stewart, British Columbia

Bear Glacier near Stewart, British Columbia

Hyder, Alaska, is a short drive from Stewart. It’s also the location of the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site in the Tongass National Forest. Visitors walk a wooden platform that parallels Fish Creek. From late-July until mid-September salmon arrive in the creek to spawn and the clear waters become the perfect fishing grounds for grizzlies, black bears, wolves, eagles and other bird species. We were lucky to see a female grizzly roam the creek in the early morning looking for a breakfast.

Grizzly bear at Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site in Hyder, Alaska

Grizzly bear looking for breakfast at Fish Creek

Just as the grizzly finished breakfast, a wolf appeared. In a flash, the wolf had caught his or her first salmon of the morning and bit into the head to eat the brains, leaving the remains of the fish for scavenger birds like seagulls.

A wolf catches breakfast at Fish Creek near Hyder, Alaska.

A wolf with his breakfast at Fish Creek Wildlife Observation site

The Cassiar Highway connects the Yellowhead Highway with the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia. And its one scenic but very isolated ride. We seldom saw another car.

Cassiar Highway in northern British Columbia

Mountain scenery on the Cassiar Highway

The Yukon Territory can truly be called the land of a thousand lakes. No wonder there are so many mosquitos. This beautiful scene was behind our lodging at the Yukon Motel in Teslin.

lake near Teslin Yukon on the Alaska Highway

One of the many lakes that you’ll see in Yukon Territory on the Alaska Highway

Although our stop in White Horse was intended for rest and relaxation off the road, we did take time to walk the trails at Miles Canyon. It was a fun ending to Alaska Highway Week Two.

Trails at Miles Canyon in White Horse, Yukon Territory

Exploring the trails along Miles Canyon in White Horse

Next week on the Alaska Highway road trip we visit gold rush history in Dawson City, ¬†drive on Top of the World Highway and finally reach Alaska. What will our adventures look like? Check back next week to see. And don’t miss Scenes from the road: Alaska Highway Week One

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