Seeing pandas in China

Chengdu Panda Tour for Boomer Wildlife Watchers

Wildlife watching is one of my favorite active boomer travel adventures. Alan’s too. Of course we prefer to observe wildlife in their natural environment, like we did on a South African safari. Seeing Pandas in China When it comes to wildlife experiences, seeing pandas in China has long been on our bucket list. But that’s […]

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Excelsior Bar

Solo Travel to Hong Kong

Solo travel. It’s one of those things that everyone says you have to do at least once in your life. If you’ve never traveled without your partner, family members or group of friends, the thought of solo travel can be pretty intimidating, but it can be a wonderful experience. If you’re looking to take your […]

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Japanese garden

First Impressions of Japan

Simply put—Japan is an amazing destination. From a strong cultural reverence for nature and order to the ultra high tech industry, the country has a bit of everything. Planning a first-time visit to Japan can seem overwhelming. Never fear. Featured contributor, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, is here to share her impressions and tips so that […]

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Scenic stupas

Day Cycling Through the Temples of Bagan

We love exotic travel tales that include active adventures, especially when it involves biking off-the-beaten path. Guest contributor, Sue King from Nomadic KU, did just that as she cycled her way through dusty backwoods while exploring Myanmar’s Bagan temples by bike. On our own: Bagan cycling tour Iconic images of the ancient temples of Bagan […]

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Tabanan travel

Off-the-Beaten-Path in Bali’s Tabanan Regency

Active travel in exotic lands is definitely one of our most favorite travel themes and today, we’re mixing a little foodie fun in as well. Today’s guest writers, Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks, are here to tell us all about their adventures exploring Bali’s Tabanan Regency. Indonesia’s island of Bali is renowned for beautiful beaches, […]

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Kibitsuhiko Shrine.

The Kibiji Bike Trail is a Fun Travel Adventure in Japan

While we enjoy active travel of any sorts, we absolutely adore off-the-beaten path adventures in faraway lands. Guest writers, Sarah and Laura from Wandercooks, are here to tell us all about their adventures biking through Japan on the beautiful Kibiji Trail. Japan is a complex and beautiful country that brings to mind both ancient temples […]

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Humayuns Tomb

Exploring Delhi Off the Beaten Track

Although we’ve explored some very remote areas in our travels, we’ve yet to make it to India. Known for its chaotic urban rhythms and exotic landscapes, India seems like a world unto itself. Today, guest contributor Lee Grewal, a former expat who lived in Delhi for three years, is here to give us a rundown on […]

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Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia

Soaring over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon

Are you planning a trip to Turkey? Have you considered adding a Cappadocia hot air balloon ride to your active boomer travel itinerary? Turkey is one of those amazing destinations that seems to stay with travelers long after they’ve gone on to other adventures. The unique vibrancy and culture that pulsates through the country’s bustling […]

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Japanese Train System

How to Be Your Own Boomer Tour Guide in Japan

How comfortable are you when it comes to exploring a completely foreign city on your own? It seems that travelers are always divided on the issue of organized tours versus DIY exploration. However, both travel styles have their advantages and disadvantages and sometimes it just comes down to the individual destination. Today, My Itchy Travel […]

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