Bhutan Travel

Bhutan Travel Tips

As world travel seems more and more accesible these days, there are still a few destinations that remain fairly elusive for most travelers. One such destination is Bhutan, a Himalayan country sandwiched between China and India. As of late, the country has become more accessible to tourists and today, Kay Dougherty, author of Blonde Brunette […]

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Impression West Lake Hangzhou China

Saturday’s scene: Dancing With Water

Magnificent? Astounding? Spectacular? None of these adjectives come close to describing Impression West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Performers dance on stages that are set 3 cm into the Yuehu Lake—a natural part of West Lake—as they portray the Han folk story of Lady White Snake and Xu Xian. A dazzling light display turns the lake’s natural surroundings […]

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China tour document box from Ker & Downey holds lots of goodies.

Checking Off Bucket List Items on a Luxury Trip to China

Today, Alan and I leave for a small group luxury trip to China. Along the way, we’ll be checking four items off our boomer bucket list: flying on the Dreamliner, riding a high speed train in China, seeing pandas and cruising the Yangtze River. Our journey begins in Los Angeles, where we’ll board a United Dreamliner […]

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The Five Essentials of Active Travel in Bali

Active travel may mean different things to different people. For some, hiking and biking are great ways to see the local sights while for others, higher risk activities such as sky diving and underwater cave explorations are the only way to travel on the edge. However, for most of us, no matter what activity level […]

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Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday’s Scene: Cultures Collide in Istanbul

Entering Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, I’m a bit confused. Christian and Muslim art are displayed side by side. Is this a cathedral or a mosque like Sultan Ahmed? The answer—now a state museum, the venerable building with a tumultuous history has served in both capacities. Emperor Justinian I ordered the construction of the massive […]

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Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan

A Visit to Nara, Japan: One Giant Buddha and Lots of Hungry Deer

I’ve just returned from a two week adventure in Japan and I’m still trying to come to terms with everything we saw in this beautiful country. From the quiet chaos that is Tokyo to Kyoto’s 1,600 Buddhist temples, we found ourselves in a dizzying state of awed inspiration just about every single day. On most […]

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Ceiling of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Saturday’s scene: looking up in Istanbul

On a visit to the Blue Mosque—Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the official name—you’re going to get a neck ache. I guarantee it. How can you not? Looking at the intricately designed domed ceilings of this Istanbul, Turkey, landmark is practically addictive. Are you planning a cruise? Use our Luxury Cruise Travel Planning Guide to begin […]

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Israel: spiritual, safe and small

A visit to Israel. Is that an item on your travel to-do list? In today’s guest post, Gary Pierce is back (remember when he told us about seeing the Caribbean in your own sailboat?). This time, Gary’s sharing his experiences from a 10-day luxury bus tour of Israel. What did he discover? Read on: Does […]

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Boomer travel tips for visiting North Korea

Are you a boomer traveler who likes to visit isolated destinations? Have you wondered what it is like to visit one of the last bastians of the Cold War? In today’s guest post, Larissa and Michael Milne, publishers of Changes In Longitude, offer tips on how to travel to North Korea. We’ve been to over 25 […]

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