Volunteer travel in Indonesia

Are you a boomer traveler who’s yearning to use your skills to volunteer in far-flung destinations? In today’s guest post, Heather Boylan of Travel With Heather explains about the rewards of Indonesia volunteer opportunities. Two years ago, I caught the Southeast Asia travel bug. Using my teaching skills to volunteer in Asia catapulted me into […]

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Butcher stall in Kowloon

Saturday’s scene: Shopping for Dinner in Hong Kong

On our second cruise to Hong Kong, Alan and I skipped the organized cruise excursions for a walking tour of our own down the streets of Kowloon. After exiting out of the Ocean Terminal, we walked along Nathan Road in search of the Jade Market. After a bit of shopping, it was time to explore […]

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Plaza Motta in Orta San Giulio

Travel Oomph: Why Boomers Need It

After a few not-fit-for-travel experiences of my own, I’m on a mission to educate boomers about the role fitness plays on their travel adventures. Last month, Nora Lynch of Fit Travelers Have More Fun gave us tips for Staying Fit On A Road Trip, today she’s back to tell us why we need Travel Oomph: […]

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2-Wheeling in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Baby boomer motorcycle riders, today’s guest post is for you. Thanks to Facebook (you’ve liked the My Itchy Travel Feet page on Facebook right?), I connected with Nancy Allen from my hometown of East Point, Georgia. It turns out that Nancy has experienced many boomer adventures, plus she’s a Harley rider, which makes her the […]

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Saturday’s scene: Remembering Sendai

While on a Regent Seven Sea cruise from Vancouver to Singapore, our ship, Mariner, stopped in several Japanese ports. On each occasion, official delegations swapped plaques and speeches with Captain Felice Patruno, while welcoming cruise passengers with dance performances on the docks, fireboats saluting the ship with sprays of water as she entered harbors, even […]

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Saturday’s scene: Shopping For Pearls In Shanghai

On this busiest shopping weekend of the year, I’m reminded of the friends I made while shopping for pearls in Shangahi, China, last November. During a Regent cruise from Vancouver to Singapore, the ship stopped overnight in Shanghai. I got to know the store clerks at Ruepeipei Pearls and Jewelry quite well. Sometimes, shopping is […]

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Visiting the Great Wall of China

Disappointment At China’s Great Wall

Updated 01.01.2014 Is visiting the  Great Wall of China, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on your travel bucket list? Here’s a secret: if you’re a traveler with a fear of heights, the experience is going to be a challenge. It also proved to be one of my biggest travel disappointments. Those dreamy pictures of the […]

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Traveling with Parents

Are you planning a baby boomer trip that includes your parents? Need expert advice? Meet Sherry Ott of Ottsworld, today’s guest writer. She’s sharing her experience of planning a trekking trip to Nepal with her 73-year-old father. Neither Sherry nor her dad are technically baby boomers (born 1946-1964), but you’ll still benefit from the trip […]

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