11 Paris Highlights For First Time Visitors

Is a trip to Paris, France on your bucket list? With so much to see and do, it’s easy to cram too much into your itinerary, leading to a rushed, stress-filled experience. And that’s not our idea of boomer travel. My Itchy Travel Feet featured writer, Debi Lander of¬†ByLanderSea, narrows it down for us. She […]

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Experience the Stuttgart Christmas Market (plus two more)

If you’re looking for a trip that puts you in a holiday mood, visit a Christmas market. It’s one of our favorite ways to get the season started. Through the years at My Itchy Travel Feet, we’ve shared many festive travel ideas, including how to visit Germany’s top Christmas markets. Or why we think that […]

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A Prague view that overlooks red tile roofs and church towers

Free Prague Walking Tour for Boomers

Are you looking a free Prague walking tour? What about a walking guide that explores the quieter areas of the city? You are in luck! Phyllis Rose, who previously took us on a delightful 24-hour Budapest adventure, shares her tips for a Prague self-guided walking tour. History and music fans will be especially pleased with […]

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A car museum with cars housed in open bays protected by glass

Stuttgart for Car Lovers Who Want to Experience it All

Are you planning a trip to Germany? Will you be traveling with a car lover? If so, Stuttgart is the place you want to be! My Itchy Travel Feet featured contributor, Debi Lander, from ByLanderSea, shares her experiences on a trip to Stuttgart for car lovers. After reading this, Alan’s already packed his bags! Things […]

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wide golden-sand beach with blue sky and clouds

Norfolk Coastal Path Walk: Active Travel for Boomers in the UK

The Norfolk Coastal Path walk is a fun active travel adventure for  boomers traveling in the UK. The trail, a 3-hour drive from London, hugs the coastline along the North Sea.  Sue King from Nomadic KU, shares her experience and tips for this beautiful walk. The Norfolk Coastal Path is an 83-mile trail which encompasses […]

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Walking the old town of Gdansk, Poland

Discovering Gdansk On a Self-Guided Walking Tour

On a free Gdansk walking tour, the Polish city surprised and delighted me. With beautiful architecture that’s been meticulously restored and an easy-to-maneuver Old Town, Gdansk is fun to experience on your own. There’s nothing like a city walking tour for exploring the nooks and crannies of a place. Use my walking tour tips for […]

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Tremiti Islands

Southern Italy Photos to Inspire Your Next Boomer Trip

You’re all probably familiar with the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When planning a travel itinerary that saying is definitely true. Our Southern Italy photos document a twelve-day Southern Italy road trip that remains a favorite for Alan and me. Claudia Fontana from Italy A La Carte met us at the […]

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white buildings on the coast

Planning a Boomer Adventure cruising through the Greek Islands

Cruising the Greek islands is an incredibly popular activity for travelers of all ages. And of course, there’s good reason for that. The Greek islands are not only scenic, but also boast an immense history that goes back millennia. Did you know that there are more than 6,000 islands surrounding Greece? Recently, guest contributor, Phyllis […]

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The Parthenon in Greece

Tips for Visiting Greece by Land

Greece is an incredibly popular tourist destination, especially for cruisers. But, there really is so much more to this ancient country than its idyllic islands, which of course, can be best explored on a Greek Island Cruise Adventure. Visiting Greece by land really is a wonderful way to get some insight into the country’s incredible […]

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