canal with cruise with bicycle in foreground

Boomer Adventure on a Burgundy Canal Barge Cruise

We absolutely love the feeling of exploring the world while enjoying the good life on a luxurious cruise ship. But the idea of sailing through the incredibly idyllic region of central France while on a Burgundy Canal Barge Cruise with just 12 passengers really makes our travel feet itchy!  Guest contributor, Rosemarie Palmer from Quiltripping, […]

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Ten Fun Things To Do On Istiklal Street, Istanbul

Although we always feel the urge to explore a new destination by hitting the ground running, sometimes slow travel really is the best travel. Bustling cities like Istanbul are jam-packed with amazing landmarks, but if you really want to get a taste of the local life, taking your time to stroll leisurely around a new […]

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rocky beach side view

Boomer Hiking in Brittany, France

Have you thought about including hiking in Brittany on your trip to France? As we’ve said many times before, hiking is a wonderful way to really see the best off-the-beaten-path places in a new destination, and you don’t need much to do a quick hike to take in the scenic views. A girl after our […]

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german christmas market

Discover Germany’s Top Christmas Markets that are Off-the-Beaten-Path

Visiting Europe over the holidays is a great way to see how different parts of the world celebrate Christmas. And, although several European countries celebrate the holidays to the hilt, a visit to Germany’s top Christmas markets is sure to bring it up one more notch! I’ve already told you about my amazing experience on […]

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Herbridean Princess ship on a luxury cruise in Scotland.

Going off-the-beaten-path on a Luxury Cruise in Scotland

Hebridean Island Cruises is sponsoring this look at luxury cruising in Scotland. Are you dreaming of a trip to explore off-the-beaten-path Scotland? If you’ve visited Edinburgh to see the military tattoo or explored Glasgow’s art galleries and museums, it’s time for a more unique way of seeing the Scottish countryside—on a luxury cruise. Exploring Scotland […]

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Budapest buildings at night

Planning a 24-hour Baby Boomer Adventure in Budapest

If you’re looking for a charming, old-world European destination that stands apart from the busting at the seams cities like Paris or Rome, Budapest is right up your alley. From its ornate architecture, to its incredibly unique cuisine, this lovely city has just about everything. However, if you’re on limited time, it’s best to plan […]

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an exursion to siberia

Exploring Smoking Volcanoes by Army Truck in Far East Russia

  Exploring smoking volcanoes by Russian army truck is a must-do Petropavlovsk cruise excursion. It’s one of my all-time favorite shore excursion experiences. And with over 400 nights at sea, I’ve been on plenty of them. The Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia is a beautiful land of smoking volcanoes and abundant wildlife. Since it’s […]

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Discover France with Road Scholar

Road Scholar is sponsoring this look at how to discover France The 75th anniversary of D-day has focused the world’s attention on France. Baby boomers, especially, experience a special bond with the idea of a trip to France as we remember the WWII stories from our parents, family and friends. Road Scholar has declared France […]

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woman hiking through green fields

Six Ideas for Active Travel in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Balkans have really gained traction as a popular tourist destination over the years. From Croatia’s incredible beaches to Romania‘s lush, green forests, this particular area of the world really has it all. And for those looking to get out and enjoy nature, active travel in Sofia, Bulgaria offers surprisingly varied options. Guest contributor Di […]

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