hot springs with steam rising off the water

Hot Springs and Hiking in Guatemala

Guest contributor Kirsten Gallagher has been sharing tales from her recent Guatemalan adventures over the last few weeks. From practicing yoga in Lago Atitlán to hiking up an active volcano in Antigua, Kirsten is obviously a big fan of active travel. Today, she’s telling us about her most recent adventure, which included hiking in Guatemala […]

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a yoga platform with mats and hammocks

Practicing Yoga at Lago Atitlán, Guatemala

From hiking up active volcanoes to exploring glaciers, we absolutely adore active travel adventures of any kind. But, not all active travel has to include hiking boots, walking sticks or parkas. Today, we’re going to explore a more relaxing activity, based in a breathtaking location. Guest contributor, Kirsten Gallagher, is here to share her experience […]

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view of people hiking to volcano

Finding Boomer Adventure hiking Pacaya Volcano in Antigua, Guatemala

As our readers know, we adore a good hiking adventure, especially when it involves exploring off-the-beaten-path areas of the world. Guest contributor, Kirsten Gallagher, is here to share her experience in Guatemala where she trekked up an active volcano on a Pacaya Volcano hike. Get your hiking boots, grab some water, and enjoy this adventure […]

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Volunteer Travel in Guatemala

Are you curious about volunteer travel? Is a trip to Guatemala on your boomer to do list? Today, you can learn about both from Rebecca Wilks of Skyline Images. Carolee, one of my most philanthropic friends, nagged me for years before I agreed to go to Guatemala. The ‘hook’ was to support the nonprofit Cooperative […]

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