A Baby Boomer 4th of July

Baby boomers, how will you celebrate the 4th of July? Since Alan and I will be staying at home on Independence Day, I thought I’d satisfy my itchy travel feet by taking a look at the festivities in some of our favorite destinations, just in case you would like to go somewhere on the 4th. […]

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4 wheeling Yankee Boy Basin Trail

4 wheeling Yankee Boy Basin in Ouray, Colorado

Want to visit Colorado alpine country up close and personal? 4 wheeling Yankee Boy Basin Trail will satisfy any active boomer traveler’s longing for mountain scenery combined with a little adventure. Along the way, you’ll discover the remnants of old mines wedged into the sides of the canyon.  If there’s been a good snow year, the waterfalls […]

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Penguin Sightings in South Africa

Want to see a penguin? Baby boomer travelers don’t have to sail to Antarctica to visit a colony of the flightless birds. Locations in South Africa, South America, Australia and the Galapagos Islands offer chances to observe and photograph the fascinating birds. On a trip to South Africa, Alan and I added penguin sightings to our […]

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Santuario de Chimayo. mew mexico

Practicing Art Appreciation at Casa Benavides Historic Inn

For baby boomer travelers visiting Taos, a stay at Casa Benavides Historic Inn is an introduction to the art, history and culture of north-central New Mexico. Antiques, handmade furniture, and Native American rugs decorate the rooms of the inn’s six individual homes clustered on five acres in downtown. Original art hangs on the thick, adobe walls […]

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Moloka'i accommodations at Hilltop Cottage

Finding Paradise on Moloka’i

Close your eyes. Now picture traveling to your perfect paradise. What do you see? Alan has always claimed that a secluded cabin somewhere in the Montana mountains would be his ideal escape. His romantic getaway envisions the two of us sitting on a deck, drinking a morning cup of coffee as we watch the wildlife that […]

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Stone Formations in Chiricahua National Monument

Traveling Off the Beaten Path in the Chiricahuas

We’re often asked about our favorite off-the-beaten-path travel experiences. In Arizona, that would have to be Chiricahua National Monument. Whether camping or RVing in Bonita Canyon campground or staying at nearby Sunglow Ranch, active travelers will get their fill of hikes, 4-wheel driving, exploring history or photographing the scenery in a less-crowded southeastern Arizona setting. […]

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Hiking to a Green Sand Beach in Hawaii

If you’re a baby boomer who’s “been there, done that” on the Big Island of Hawaii, here’s an off-the-beaten-path adventure for you. Travel to South Point for a hike to a green sand beach, Papalokea. You’ll feel like you’ve come to the ends of the earth, or at least the southernmost end of the United States, […]

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St Helena

Stopping by St. Helena

There are some places in the world, you should see just once. So it is with St. Helena. Baby boomer travelers don’t exactly “stop by” in hopes of touring St. Helena. The rocky island fortress, once Napoleon’s prison, sits all alone in the South Atlantic. At the time Alan and I visited, there was no airport, […]

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Horseback riding in Waipi'o Valley

Horseback Riding in Hawaii’s Waipi’o Valley

When baby boomer travelers drive Highway 240 on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, the road ends at Waipi’o Lookout. Peering over the rail at the dramatic valley fronted by a long, black sand beach, active travelers will be asking, “How do I get down there?” You have three choices—hike the road with its 1,000 […]

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