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I’m smiling at our good news.

Do we have news for you! My Itchy Travel Feet is literally hopping with changes, additions and fun happenings. So let’s get this show on the road:

A Change of address

Feedblitz is now handling the distribution of our RSS feed. If you keep up with us through a subscription to our feed, here’s the new address: make the change because we’ll be turning off our Feedburner address by the end of May.

An inbox filled with travel goodness

Would you like to receive a digest of the week’s articles that we’ve published at My Itchy Travel Feet? You can do that! Click the weekly updates button in the subscription box on our Newsletter subscription page or on the sidebar widget of our articles (you might as well subscribe to our newsletter while you’re at it.) Each Saturday, you’ll receive a digest of all the articles that we’ve published for the week—perfect for weekend reading.

A new member of the team

Nicole Jewell My Itchy Travel Feet

You might have seen Nicole Jewell’s name around here already. She’s written several guest posts for us including advice for dining in Madrid and visiting Cambridge for the day. Today, we’re officially welcoming Nicole as the Assistant Editor at My Itchy Travel Feet. Alan’s so happy. Since Nicole started taking over some of the duties around here, I’m finally cooking dinner again. And what about this coincidence—Nicole and I both attended Georgia State University.

Nicole will be working with guest authors, handling correspondence and many other duties. We’re also featuring her own series on travel apps. You’ve read Nicole’s advice on best road trip apps and outdoor travel apps, right?

A new travel partner

We’re so excited about our new relationship with We’ll be publishing selected articles on multigenerational travel from their site to share with our readers and they’ll be sharing some of our articles with their readers. But that’s not all.

Have you seen the Priceline/ widget in our sidebar? Now you can book hotels, flights and rental cars at a great price right from our site. Choosing a city and mode of travel will take you to a special page for booking travel. We receive a small commission when you do, which helps keep My Itchy Travel Feet in business. So be sure to book your travel here. And please let us know how you like it.

A special celebration

On May 1, 2013, My Itchy Travel Feet celebrates 5 years on the Internet. It’s an accomplishment that Alan and I are especially proud of. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting fun giveaways including a Pinterest contest, offering a free e-book to newsletter subscribers and subscriber-only specials in the May newsletter. Check back tomorrow for the details.

We wouldn’t have any news if you weren’t reading our articles, leaving comments and sharing our content on social media. So thank you for being a part of our team!

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