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man steering a gondola with passengers inside

Travel Tips for Venice from a First-time Visitor

Venice has been a top Italian destination for well, forever. Recently, the city has made headlines for its efforts to crack down on rampant tourism that has overrun the iconic city for decades. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a responsible trip to Venice these days. Today’s guest contributor, Kris Bordessa from Attainable Sustainable, […]

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shot of colorful cliff houses overlooking the sea

Hiking in Cinque Terre on a Boomer Travel Adventure

Italy is a world-renowned travel destination with endless options for active travel. But, if you’re looking to do something really special, hiking Cinque Terre is definitely a great adventure. Today’s guest contributor, Shelli Elledge from Written FYI, recently visited this area with her sights set on hiking from one colorful hilltop village to the next, […]

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stone arch surrounded by grass and trees in Syracuse, Sicily

Exploring Greek and Roman history on a Syracuse shore excursion

On a Mediterranean cruise, active boomer travelers will find plenty of historical sites to explore. And by history, I mean some of the most ancient places you’ll ever visit. I’ve walked the ruins of Ephesus, investigated the ancient city of Nora and stood among wildflowers in front of Greek temples at Selinunte—all while participating in […]

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Cetara, Italy

Three Unexpected Day Trips From Salerno, Italy

Located in Campania, Italy, the port city of Salerno acts as a popular hub for tourists making their way to Positano and Amalfi. While enchanting towns along the Amalfi coast are numerous, they’re often overcrowded and commercialized. Guest contributor, Lauren Palumbo from Lauren Relocated, shows us how to travel like a local on your next vacation […]

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Explore the ancient city of Nora. #boomertravel #cruise #italy

Exploring the Ancient City of Nora, Sardinia

On a spring visit to Sardinia, Italy, it’s tempting to look for boomer travel adventures involving the island’s beautiful beaches. Visitors flock to Sardinia for the clear coastal water fringed by white sand. But, if you spend all of your time on the beaches, you’ll miss the Phoenician and Roman history at the ancient city […]

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Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Sightseeing on a Small Group Tour through Tuscany

Tuscany is more than just the world-renowned picturesque region of Italy. Matching its otherworldly beauty and amazing culinary talents, the area is full of history. Today’s guest contributor, Shelli Elledge from Written FYI, recently took a small group tour through Tuscany, uncovering its profound character along the way. Learning about secret tunnels in the heart of […]

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