Where to Go in Italy

Updated 01/10/2024.

A trip to Italy is a must for anyone who enjoys art, history, gastronomy, language, religion, oenology, religion, churches, sunny beaches, gelato, etc., etc., etc. Yes, the “boot” country really does have something for everyone. But there’s so much to see and do! Planning your trip definitely calls for reading an Italy destination guide.

If you need some help deciding where to go in Italy, look no further than our first-hand travel articles. From road trips to city explorations to Italian cruise excursions, you’ll find the information that you need.

Take a look at some of our favorite Italian destinations below and if you’re planning an Italy adventure soon, don’t forget to check out our Italy Travel Planner!

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Where to go in Italy on a boomer trip

Northern Italy Road Trip

A road trip though Northern Italy is the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. Start in Milan, explore the region around Lake Como before moving on to Cinque Terre, Lucca and southern Tuscany. Check out our itinerary, where we stayed and the fun adventures that Alan and I experienced.

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Boomer Adventure in Rome

Boomer travelers to Italy should visit Rome at least once! The Coliseum and Forum, Vatican City, Borghese Museum, Parthenon, Trevi Fountain—MITF contributing writer, Debi Lander, shows you how to make the most of your trip to the Eternal City.

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Travel Tips for Venice

Will this be your first visit to Venice? Kris Bordessa offers tips for exploring this lovely Italian city. Learn what first-timers should know including how to get around, money-saving advice and how to make the best use of your time.

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Southern Italy Road Trip

Some say that Southern Italy is where you find the truly authentic part of the country. During our exploration of this old-world region, we certainly found that to be true. Check out this unique itinerary.

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More Articles on Italy

Tremiti Islands

Southern Italy Photos to Inspire Your Next Boomer Trip

You’re all probably familiar with the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When planning a travel itinerary that saying is definitely true. Our Southern Italy photos document a twelve-day Southern Italy road trip that remains a favorite for Alan and me. Claudia Fontana from Italy A La Carte met us at the […]

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walkway along seaside with village in the background

Off the beaten path in Otranto, Italy

There are few things that make our travel feet itchy more than the thought of going off the beaten path in Italy. From road trips through Northern and Southern Italy, to bustling Rome, we’ve featured quite a bit about one of our favorite European countries. But today, guest contributor, Sharon Kurtz, is taking us off-the-beaten-path […]

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Sunset glow over ancient Rome

Baby Boomer Adventures in Rome

If you’re looking for tips on baby boomer adventures in Rome, Italy, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to add this trip to your bucket list. After covering Italy quite extensively over the years, including writing our Italy Travel Planner, it’s clear that we love to get off the beaten path in this […]

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city steeples with mountains in the background

Baby Boomer Adventure in Turin

On a boomer adventure in Turin, discover Italy’s less-touristy side. You’ll be enchanted! After covering Italy quite extensively over the years, if there’s one thing we have learned it’s that this beautifully vibrant country really is the travel gift that keeps on giving. From Venice and Tuscany to Sardinia and Sicily, there’s so much to […]

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large lake surrounded by green covered mountains

Tips for Exploring Lake Como

Although Rome, Venice and Florence are certainly the shiniest jewels in Italy’s crown, the entire country is packed with incredible destinations. Today, we’re taking you to one of Italy’s most picturesque areas, known for not only its stunning beauty, but as the home of one of America’s most famous actors. Kris Bordessa from Attainable Sustainable, […]

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Bologna travel tips for the first time visitor

Bologna Travel Tips from a First-time Visitor

Italy is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beloved travel destinations. Bustling tourist hotspots like Rome and Florence have dazzled tourists for centuries. But today, we’re taking you to a lesser-known Italian gem that should really be on everyone’s travel bucket list—Bologna. Kris Bordessa from Attainable Sustainable, recently shared her travel tips for Venice with us. […]

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