Where to Go in Italy

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Where to go in Italy on a boomer trip

A trip to Italy is a must for anyone who enjoys art, history, gastronomy, language, religion, oenology, religion, churches, sunny beaches, gelato, etc., etc., etc. Yes, the “boot” country really does have something for everyone. But there’s so much to see and do! Planning your trip definitely calls for reading up in an Italy destination guide.

This article may contain referral links. Read our Disclosure.

If you need some help deciding where to go in Italy, look no further than our first-hand travel articles. From road trips to city explorations to Italian cruise excursions, you’ll find the information that you need. 

Our articles, and those of My Itchy Travel Feet guest writers, are based upon first-person travel experiences in Italy. And we’re constantly adding new Italian travel ideas so come back often. Or subscribe to the My Itchy Travel Feet Weekly Update to be the first to know!

Our favorite Italy road trips

Alan and I have been lucky enough to enjoy two guided road trips in Italy—one in the north and another in the southern region. They’re divided by trip and itinerary so click on through to plan your Italian road trip.

Boomer Road Trip to Northern Italy

Visiting any part of Italy is a sure fire way to have an amazing European experience, but it’s best to plan a reasonable amount of time to really enjoy each region at a leisurely pace. Our road trip though the northern part of the country was the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. Click on Boomer Road Trip to Northern Italy to read more about our experiences on this wonderful itinerary.

Southern Italy Road Trip

Some say that Southern Italy is where you find the truly authentic part of the country. During our exploration of this old-world region, we certainly found that to be true. To read more about our experience, click on Southern Italy Road Trip.

Be sure to check out the Italy Travel Planner full of the travel tips, online resources, and travel gear that we recommend for your next Italian adventure.

Iconic Italian cities to explore on your next trip to Italy

A sunset over Rome, Italy turns into a golden travel experience.

An Unforgettable boomer adventure in Rome

The Coliseum and Forum, Vatican City, Borghese Museum, Parthenon, Trevi Fountain—MITF contributing writer, Debi Lander, shows you how to make the most of a boomer travel adventure in Rome. Debi takes you on an unforgettable Rome travel experience. Many cruises embark and disembark from Civitavecchia, the port for Rome. If you bookmark Debi’s article, you’ll know just what to do on a wonderful pre or post cruise visit to Rome when cruising the Mediterranean.

Travel Tips for Venice

Long known and one of the world’s most unique destinations, Venice is an incredible place to visit. If you’d like to explore this one-of-a-kind destination, make sure to check out our Travel Tips for Venice.

Travel Tips for Bologna

Besides Rome and Florence, Italy has numerous destinations to visit. If you’d like to go slightly off-the-beaten-path, head to Bologna. Check out our Tips for visiting Bologna for the first time.

Tips for Exploring Lake Como

Located in the northern part of Italy, Lake Como is stunningly beautiful. Click on Tips for Exploring Lake Como to read more about one of Italy’s most breathtaking destinations.

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