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Saturday’s scene: hanging out in Monterosso

2013/05/11by Donna Hull

Neptune statue in Cinque de Terre

Neptune’s hanging out in Monterosso, Italy

On the Cinque Terre coast of Italy, this statue of Neptune in Monterosso hangs from a cliff face at the end of Fegina Beach. The giant version of the Roman God of the Sea (Poseidon in Greek mythology) was built in 1910 and holds up the terrace of Villa Pastine. Il Gigante, as the sculture is called, lost his arms, trident and a seashell when the villa was bombed by Allied bombs in World War II.  The 14-meter concrete statue was damaged again by a storm in 1966.

Seated on the patio of Barabba in White, a restaurant near the end of Fegina Beach, a clear plastic covering pulled down to protect us from a slight October chill, Alan and I enjoyed a lunch of fresh seafood with a glass of local Vino Bianco as the moody-looking Il Gigante kept a watch on the sea.

On October 25, 2011, heavy rains created flash floods and landslides that devastated Monterosso. Rick Steves reports that much of the village has been rebuilt. To learn the latest news of trail openings and construction updates, check out Rebuild Monterosso.

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