Drooling Over Lamborghinis

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If you’re planning a boomer trip to Italy’s motor valley, be sure your itinerary includes the Lamborghini Museum. During our road trip through Northern Italy, Alan may have gotten his kicks test driving a Ferrari, but I’m the one who drooled over the Lamborghini sports cars. The museum’s gleaming concept cars, vintage production models and race cars definitely started my heart racing.

Yellow Lamborghini in Italy
Alan says, “I want this one.”

How to visit the Lamborghini Museum

Located in Sant’Agata Bolognese between Bologna and Modena, the Lamborghini Museum houses two floors of sleek machines, including cars and boats. The first production model, the 350 GT, built by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963, sits at the entrance.

White Lamgorhini
My favorite

Inside, the ground floor display area of the glass-walled museum houses yellow, red, silver and black models—some vintage—any of which I would be happy to own. However, I’m not sure that I could handle that Countach prototype which was the first car to break 300 kilometers per hour—or approximately 186 miles per hour.

The Lamborghini mounted on the wall, a yellow one during our visit, intrigued me. How did the museum staff get it up there?

Lamborghini formula one racer
Formula 1 car

Upstairs, Formula 1 racers as well as concept and exotic cars are the stars of the show. Boomers will also find the world’s fastest police car. It’s Italian, of course. There’s also a display of marine motors. Did you know that Lamborghini has won several World Championships on the water?

Lamborghini police car
World’s fastest police car

Of course you’ll want to purchase a ticket that includes the guided factory tour, which was closed during our visit. Instead, we settled for a few minutes in the gift store next door that’s filled with Lamborghini logo items. Oh, that’s also where you can buy your very own Lambo. I wish!

Trophies on top of a glass case with speedboat inside.
Lamborghni makes boat motors, too. Fast ones!

Plan Your Visit to the Lamborghini Museum

Alan and I recommend combining this with a tour of the Ducati Factory in Bologna and a Ferarri test drive in Maranelo—an ideal day for the boomer car enthusiast. La Tavola Rotonda in Chiavenna Landi made a convenient and relaxing headquarters for this travel adventure—it’s a castle!

We owe special thanks to Claudio Fontana of A La Carte Italy Tours for designing this road trip in Northern Italy itinerary especially for us.

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