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Celebrating a 10 Year Anniversary: Happy Decade to Us!

Happy decade to us! That’s right, we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this week at My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel. Whew! That’s a lot of traveling, travel planning, writing, photography and all the other tasks that go into publishing an award-winning website for boomer travelers.

Woman in a blue top holding a glass of champagne, man in a yellow shirt drinking a drink, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of My Itchy Travel Feet

Clinking to you on our 10 year anniversary of publishing.

Of course this isn’t my first boomer travel blog. From January 2006 to September 2009, I wrote a personal blog for family and friends, which was also open for the general public to read. Those travel updates proved to me that an audience existed for my brand of boomer writing, which gave birth to the idea of a travel website for baby boomers. Since then, Alan and I’ve been passionate about inspiring your travel adventures one active travel experience at a time.

Ten years of travel: where do you like to go?

As I usually do each year while celebrating this anniversary date, I check out My Itchy Travel Feet statistics to see which destinations and travel experiences have been the most popular with our boomer readers. It also helps us know which topics you’d like to read more about. To date, we’ve published 1,568 articles that have attracted 2,279, 249 page views. Whoa!

Where do you like to go? Take a look at the most popular articles from the last ten years starting with #1:

Grass stands between two red sandstone formations with a blue sky above in Monument Valley.

#1: Scenic Drive in Monument Valley.

You guys really like Monument Valley. I mean you REALLY like this beautiful destination that borders Arizona and Utah. Our advice for taking the scenic drive in Monument Valley is the most popular article at My Itchy Travel Feet by a long shot. And we’ve recently updated it to make sure that our tips are still correct, the links work, and have added even more resources to make your visit to this iconic destination in the American Southwest the best boomer adventure ever.

Sailing ships are silhouetted against the vivid orange sunset in the Florida Keys.

#2: Funky things to do in the Florida Keys.

Five Funky Things to Do in the Florida Keys has moved up to #2 this year, thanks to its popularity on Pinterest. I had so much fun writing this article so follow my advice to create an unforgettable Florida Keys road trip.

A black grizzly bear walks out from green underbrush in Alaska.

#3: Alaska Travel Planner.

Our third most popular article is a page filled with Alaska travel planning advice. Active Alaska Travel Planning Guide includes links to all the articles that we’ve written about Alaska, our Alaska Travel Planner, and more. We’re currently cruising in the North Pacific with stops scheduled in Alaska. Check back for shore excursion reviews about a new Kodiak Island adventure, Icy Strait Point, Juneau and Victoria, B.C. And another Alaska road trip keeps calling our name. Maybe next year?

Two bell towers and a cathedral dome rises above red-tiled roofs in Bergamo, Italy

#4: Planning a road trip in northern Italy.

In 4th place is the information that we’ve published on planning a boomer road trip to Northern Italy. If My Itchy Travel Feet website traffic is any indication—and we think that it is—boomers LOVE traveling to Italy. And if you’re booking a Mediterranean Cruise that includes Italian ports, make sure that Sicily is on the list. The excursions on last year’s Silver Wind Spring Cruise were wonderful, so click through to read about them.

A student stands in a boat on the river cam near a bridge

#5: Tips for visiting Cambridge.

Nicole’s (My Itchy Travel Feet Assistant Editor) article on how to plan a day trip to Cambridge continues to be popular with our readers, coming in at #5. We’ve recently updated it with more information on how you can take a day trip from London to Cambridge. It’s worth a read.

Snow-capped mountains loom over the water with clouds darting in and out. White buildings with red roofs in the foreground.

Favorite For 2018: Best Alaska Cruise.

And which recent article is the most popular? Our advice for how to choose the Best Alaska Cruise. With over 300 nights at seas under our belts, we’re experts at rating cruises, so you’ll want to click through to see our tips.

Celebrating a 10 year anniversary: What’s next for My Itchy Travel Feet?

Alan and I are celebrating My Itchy Travel Feet’s 10 year anniversary with a 42-day cruise that begins in Hong Kong and ends in Vancouver. In fact, the cruise started a week or so ago. Today, we’re in Zhujiajian, China. This cruise includes new-to-us ports in Taiwan, China, Japan, and Alaska. Plus we’ll be visiting old favorites like Kodiak Island.

Later this summer, we’re spending time on the central Oregon coast so look for what to see and do as we expand our coverage in this beautiful U.S. coastal region. The fall sees us experiencing regional adventures in our beloved Montana. And there’s a new cruise experience on the horizon when we check out Crystal Cruises on a South Pacific Cruise—yes, again—in early 2019.

As far as My Itchy Travel Feet—the website—we’re spending the year upgrading and improving our travel information. It doesn’t matter which year we published an article, we want that information to contain the latest advice for you. To that end, Nicole and I have been busy updating, especially the travel planners, guides and app articles. So take a look at Luxury Cruise Planner, National Park Travel Planner and Spain Travel Planner to let us know if we’re publishing the information that you need. The plan is to udpate all of the travel planners by the end of 2018. That’s a lot of updating!

Travel Guides that we’ve recently updated include:

Travel Apps articles recently updated:

As you can see, we’re doing lots of sprucing up!

New travel planning tools for you

It takes money to run a business like My Itchy Travel Feet. And we don’t scrimp when it comes to providing a quality experience for you. Expenses such as site design, usability upgrades, newsletter infrastructure and paid guest writers add to the quality product we offer readers for free. We’ve recently affiliated with several companies so check them out to see if they are right for your travel planning needs:

When you make purchases from our partners or at the My Itchy Travel Feet Boomer Travel Gear shop, click Amazon affiliate links or purchase products such as New Mexico Backroads Weekend Adventure or Coloring the World’s Wildlife (our latest coloring book for grownups), you’re helping to keep My Itchy Travel Feet in business. Thank you so much.

Boomer woman and man stand at the railing of a ship with icebergs behind them

Thank you for another great year at My Itchy Travel Feet!

We couldn’t do it without you

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Now let’s get on with the boomer travel fun. And…

Thank you for an amazing 10 years!



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